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Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:45 am Reply with quote
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Ok guys, this was an idea i had and can be something to do when your bored.

Armor in tmux is wide and variable, so try and come up with a "themed" armor set. then when your bored you can try and collect it in game. By themed i don't mean all pieces of aluminium or something like that, more like a set of armor that would be worn be a certain person. For instance.

des: you see a senior high school student bristling with self importance.
On head: akubra
On face: raybans
On neck: red and black tie
On arms: formal white tshirt
On body: senior blazer
On legs: grey trousers
On feet: black shoes
On left index finger: silver signet ring
being held: a diary
used as a shield: locker door shield
Weapon being wielded: metal ruler

that's a pretty simple one but there's a lot of them out there. Another possibility:

Des: you see a hardened thug considering to roll you for your wallet
On head: leather skull cap
On face: titanium nose ring
On neck: studded collar
On neck: black cape
On body: steel chest plate
On arms: black metallica tshirt
On hands: kid leather gloves
On legs: leather chaps
On feet: steel capped shoes
On left index finger: silver skull ring
Being held: tyre lever
Shield: battered leather briefcase
Weapon: sawn off shot-gun

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