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Right, there are basically 2 halves to magic, the damaging realm spells, and the rest.

Throughout this guide, i will mention what forms the spell comes in (well to the best of my knowledge) so, if there is nothing after the spell, it isnt released in any form right now [that I have found anyway]

Realm Spells do damage based on your proficiency in that realm and what level the spell is. This is basically the primary source of damage for casters like clerics mages and alchemists

Earth: is all about rocks and the ground

rumble, 3mp, can you feel this?

crush, 7mp, your bones are now pulp

shatterstone, 10mp, your bones are in little shards

engulf, 15 mp, i cant hear you behind those rocks

earthquake, 25 mp, sooo outa control!

tremor, 25 mp, death by vibration therapy

Wind: thankfully is the external weather... not internal

hurt, 3mp, i dont know why this is wind...

dustgust, 7mp, close your eyes!

shockbolt, 10mp, bzzzt!

lightning, 15mp, fresh from the overhead cloud i think

thunderbolt, 25mp, bzzzzzzzzzzzzt!

tornado, 25mp, and if the hot air starts spiraling... sorry, wrong guide

Fire: perfect for all those pyromaniacs

burn, 3mp, hopefully not 3rd degree

fireball, 7mp, how you would play any game with that i dont know

burstflame, 10mp, spontaneous combustion 101

immolate, 15mp, i dont know what it is, but it sounds hot

flamefill, 25mp, didnt know flames where a liquid

incinerate, 25mp, just the way i like my milkshakes...

Water: includes steam and ice

blister, 3mp, is this really water?

waterbolt, 7mp, Drowning!

steamblast, 10mp, nasty really

bloodboil, 15mp, haha, who doesnt love this spell in the sewers?

iceblade, 25mp, it will cut you open and freeze your blood

flood, 25mp, recently, i have been seeing many pairs of animals getting into a boat

Other Magic this is every other spell, ill try and have a bit of organizaton

Life/Healing spells

Vigor, 2mp, minor injuries really

Mend-Wounds, 4mp, this is the main healing spell

Heal, 20mp, scroll spell only for clerics, but heals all hp

Room-Vigor, 12mp, like a bards sing, heals everyone in the room, but the spell is only for bards and clerics

Restore, restores all hp and mp, but cant only be cast by a dm, the potion and wand form will has a one in 3 chance of restoring all mana, and about 20 hp

Curative spells

Cureposion, 6mp, cures poison

remove disease, 12mp, only for clerics and palys to cast

remove curse, 18 mp, ditto, some gear is cursed and cannot be removed until broken, this disables that

Cure blind, 12mp clerics and palys again, does what it says really


these spells are pretty much all the ones that will be displayed in the "spells cast over you" list, they wear off eventually. when cast they say something, like "you feel holy", and when they go away they have an opposite comment

Basic buffs

protection, 10mp, lowers your ac

bless, 10mp, makes you hit better, miss less

know-aura, 6mp, gives you a more in-depth knowledge of your allignment, Ac and gear condition, allows you to find the aura of other monsters

Light, 5mp, usefull for races that cant see in the dark...

invisibility, 15mp, some agressive monsters wont detect you, but wears of after you make an attack.

detect-invisible, 10mp, lets you see invisible monster, players, objects, and exits

Detect magic, 10mp, lets you see enchantments on armor and weapons, and
if an item is magical, it also tells you if a monster can use spells.

Resist magic, 12mp, ever noticed a monster that takes less damage than usuall with a spell?, yeah, this is it.

More complex buffs
in some rooms, you can be harmed by certain thinks, like fire, or cold... these spells will prevent that damage

Resist cold and fire, 12mp

breath water, 12mp

Moving spells Arrow
everything that has something to do with motion

levitate, 10mp, lets you avoid some traps, and you can climb well

Fly, 15mp, lets you avoid some traps, you can also go through some exits

Summon 30mp, brings the targeted player to your room, there are only a few rooms you can do this in though, and the target player must clear the nosummon flag

Teleport 30mp,moves you to a random room... sometimes that can be bad

Track 13mp, a reverse form of summon, spell can only be cast by rangers.

Word of recall, 25mp, spell can be cast by clerics only, but this spell is much loved for its ability to get players out of sticky situations.

transport, variable, 8mp minimum, you target an item in your inventory, and a player online, and it takes that item to them.

Clairvoyance, 15mp, shows you the room a player is in... good for pkilling.

Stun, 10mp, renders the target immobile for a little while

Fear, 15mp, can make a monster run out of the room

Other spells Cool

Drain, 12mp, there is a chance you will steal mp from your target

Drain-experience, (dunno), Lets your steal experience from your target

Blind, dunno, blinds the target, but doesnt do much on monsters

Enchant, 25mp, something, haha

Fortune, unno, a bard only spell, and these days know aura does the same thing

Conjure, variable, crashes the game, but otherwise makes a criter to fight for you [wonko edit] not available here, waaaay to buggy, sorry [end wonko edit]

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To Clarify (this thread of conjecture has annoyed me a little, so I tidied it up and will now add some facts)

The following spells are currently available in-game in the following forms:


bless (2), blind, blister, breathe-water(2), cure-blind(2), curepoison(2), detect-invisible, detect-magic(3), drain, fly, heal, hurt, know-aura, levitate, mend-wounds (8 ) , protection, remove-disease, resist-cold(2), resist-fire, restore(2), silence, stun(2), vigor(5), word-of-recall


bless, blind, blister(2), bloodboil(2), breathe-water, burn(2), burstflame, clairvoyance, crush, detect-invisible, detect-magic(2), dispel, dustgust, enchant, fear, fireball(2), heal, iceblade, immolate, invisibility, levitate, light, mend-wounds, remove-curse, resist-cold, resist-magic, room-vigor, rumble, shatterstone, shockbolt, steamblast, stun(3), summon, track, vigor(3), waterbolt(2)


bless, blister, bloodboil, breathe-water, burn, burstflame, crush, curepoison, detect-invisible, detect-magic, dustgust, fireball, hurt, know-aura, levitate, light, mend-wounds, protection, remove-disease, rumble, shatterstone, shockbolt, steamblast, stun, summon, transport, vigor, waterbolt

In the above list, if a number appears in brackets, that is HOW MANY different items contain the spell. This list is direct from my planning notes (that I compile as I build areas) and is complete to date.

How is your spell book? How observent have you been? Note: seasonal treats (like easter eggs or candy canes) are NOT included in this catalogue.

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