Reading, such a noble pursuit, Mucka immerses himself in a good book
Blixa's Tale by Ben Maguire
Blixa's Tale by Ben Maguire
Mucka charging into action Wallace "Mucka" Beamish's school days Mucka head over heals in the hippy commune Mucka the thugbyist Mucka ready for action
Cecil "Carrot" Farrott, Mucka's best mate Swordplay takes research Mucka orienteering in Maroon "Ollie" Oliver Beamish, Mucka's little brother. Des "Tugger" Glumphottock, brother of Emily (Carrot's girlfriend)
Bullies, every school has them I suppose magic mushrooms feeding the chooks down on the commune cleaners, groundsmen and janitors Angels or demons? - choir boys are both
All artwork ©2005..2007 Ms Helen Clarke
(used with permission)
Introducing Emmalina Glumphuttock (Miss)
When Emmalina's braces come off, Carrot has been promised his first "real" kiss
A Zombie
Mr Zombie
Zombie Moggy

Mucka as Rodin's Thinker
MUD Players
have to be