Sixth Tome of terraMUD - POLICY - reviewed 1/11/2004

TerraMUDX is only a game; you are supposed to being having fun; Wonko would prefer not to have to impose any rules but some are necessary. Other MUDs out on the net are stricter. If you want to clarify any point, then 'sendmail' to wonko from any Post Office or e-mail him at peterwhitehouse@terrace.qld.edu.au

Player files are reviewed periodically - unused characters (ie. those not used for 2 MONTHS) are deleted - they take up space and if you are not using them actively then there is no loss.


Unlike some other MUDs, you may play with up to 2 characters at the one time. If you can manage attacking on multiple screens then you may do so. However, do not complain if one or both of your characters die while unattended or if your connection goes down mid-battle. That is the risk you take.

You may use client programs (like SimpleMU) to run TerraMUDX and implement simple triggers like "get all" after a kill. However you may NOT use triggers or timers for killing or healing (see below).


You are NOT to exceed the 2 characters on at one time limit else if caught the DM will DUST characters indiscriminantly - no questions asked, no explanations or justifications given - you will be warned ONCE!

You are NOT allowed to share or sell characters - doing so will result in deletion of those characters.

The following actions are not allowed and anyone caught breaking these rules will be subject to whatever punishment wonko deems appropriate (see below).

No automated play (using certain features of client programs) is allowed. You may not set a timer and leave your character/s killing monsters unattended. You may not use triggers to have some of your characters "react" to actions made by another of your characters. All attacks on monsters and players must be manually initiated from each character's "window".

A SINGLE healer character is allowed for each real person - this can be your cleric/mage and can be used to heal both during and after battle. So long as you only use ONE character to do this, the Gods will not get angry. All assistance by your attendant character should be manually initiated - no triggers or timers allowed please - they adversley effect
game play.

Do not ask more advanced players continually for weapons, armor, scrolls or gold. They had to work hard to attain their status - you should do the same. Similarly do not ask immortals for anything either - except advice. Continual harassment of high level players will result in punishment at the discretion of the DM.

Do not 'spam' other players. If a character is annoying you with repeated says, flashes, emotes or broadcasts, the best way to handle this is to 'ignore' the player and allow wonko to deal out the punishment. If the privilege of being able to broadcast is abused, wonko will consider decreasing the number of broadcasts allowed per mud-day. If someone is 'ignoring' you, do not ask someone else to message the other player or use broadcast to try to communicate with them. Wonko will not be amused and you will suffer the consequences.

Do not use excessively foul language. Given that a school with young students hosts the mud, the use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated. This also includes the use of inappropriate character names.

Do not sell quest or training items. The quests and training are a vital part of the game and players are encouraged to go on quests together and share quest items. However, you should never sell or purchase any quest or training item.

Do not summon players unknowingly to aggressive monsters. The best lesson here is to 'set nosummon', and if you are going to be summoned, be sure that it is by someone you can trust.