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TerraMUD is an online text-based
multi-player RPG hosted by
St. Joseph's College,
Gregory Terrace

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TerraMUD's central purpose (it's Holy Grail) is simple and manyfold:

  • to get young boys reading
  • to encourage problem solving
  • to encourage collaboration and communication
  • to encourage role-play
  • to increase boy's spacial awareness
  • to increase keyboard familiarity
  • to provide a school network service that is engaging and fun

    It couldn't be educational at all :)

Going to the Chapel and I'm Gonna Get Murdered...

All other benefits are merely icing on the cake - it is a GAME, after all.

TerraMUD X uses a modified standard download Mordor codebase. The DM here has been working away at this codebase for a couple of years now. The geography of X is being modified to increase interest of gameplay, return balance to the game and contains NONE of the added areas from previous terraMUDs. The core of X is St Joe's - a scary but familiar territory (post-apocalypse Terrace Campus) with many areas branching from there.

X Newbies are confined the the College Campus grounds until experienced and trained sufficently to enter the outside world (just like real life really) but there is a variety of places to visit, interestingly described new monsters to kill (or be killed by) and a lot of new useful gear to collect on your journey.

You begin your journey at X Reception in St. Joe's and move out from there to explore the school campus. This geography will be familiar to terracites as it matches the physical layout of the school grounds - use some common sense and you will not get too lost. Many new areas are being designed (you will see their exits as 'blocked' currently) to enrich an already complex world. Significant modification of existing rooms has been undertaken to bring about balance to game play.

About | Policy | Hints | Newbie Guide | Connect | Meet "Mucka"

Rules here are as simple as possible.

There is limited DM support on this MUD - they are not there for handouts - do not ask for them. Jail and player deletion are punishments for characters that consistently do the wrong thing. Full discussion of the rules of this MUD are contained in the TOMES housed in the Library upstairs from Duhig Place on level 4 - you know where to go. Ignorance is NO defense. MUDmail wonko if you wish to be changed from Chaotic to Lawful, but no other stat changes will be granted so do not ask.

About | Policy | Hints | Newbie Guide | Connect | Meet "Mucka"

When you first connect, type set ansi to turn on colour display - it makes things easier to see. You have 12 classes and 13 races to choose from, you get to choose your starting stats (remembering each class and race combination has advantages and disadvantages), 6 weapon proficiencies, 4 realms and other things as you create your character. You can retire a character (to permanently delete it should you want to start over).

When all else fails, consult to Newbie Guide.

Look at monsters before you kill them, talk to them - many know useful things. Your only way out of St. Joes is to train to level 4 - all the facilities necessary to train to level 16 in each class are on campus somewhere for you to discover. Many of the new monsters in St. Joe's know important things, some even can sell you useful items. Engage your senses and take time to have a chat.

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