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Peter R. Whitehouse

Subject Coordinator, Information Technology Education
St. Joseph's College,
Gregory Terrace, Brisbane

Paper 1:

Case Studies in Algorithms and Programming


The Algorithms and Programming unit of the Queensland BSSSS Course Information Processing and Technology lends itself to an in-depth (nontrivial) study of problem solving. For the past 6 years, Gregory Terrace has assessed part of this unit using a major case study. Students have been set the challenge of creating a game. During this case study, students have been given the opportunity to work either solo or in small groups, have learned first hand the value of sound planning and group dynamics. In addition, they are required to communicate on many levels - both as a technician (the author of the software) and as a guide (the author of a user manual).

This session will investigate a working model for implementing a Major case study using Turbo Pascal and Delphi, will investigate the assessment criteria (and the likely changes to accommodate the move to 'event driven' environments), will look at assessment of students in groups and will present a range of student samples.

Paper 2:

Case Studies in Database Design and Implementation


The BSSSS Subject Information Processing and Technology places emphasis on effective design and manipulation and maintenance of relational databases. At Gregory Terrace, students of IPT are required to collaborate with classmates in the Conceptual Design, Relational Implementation, Interface Design and Documentation of a significant (nontrivial) information system.

This session will focus on students' responses to such major system development tasks, using CASE Tools like InfoModeller and Database Management Systems like MS Access. We will investigate structure and sequencing of the task, management of group work and assessment criteria that have been effective, and will examine a range of student samples.

St. Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace
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