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Case Studies in Database Design and Implementation

Student Samples

Peter R. Whitehouse

Subject Coordinator, Information Technology Education
St. Joseph's College,
Gregory Terrace, Brisbane



The student work that follows was completed as part of their assessment programme. The versions you see here are 'owned' by the respective authors, but controlled by our college. It is suggested that you seek permission from either the original author or the school before making multiple copies of these works, and at NO time can they be part of a work that is later SOLD.


The vast majority of these systems are written to PROTOTYPE standard by students - that is, they have been through at least one round of error detection.

Most systems have just enough data in them to show they do something useful - NONE of the systems are populated with large amounts of data as this was not central to the completion of this assignment.

NO GUARANTEE is provided that these systems are bug-proof and NO LIABILITY is accepted for damage or loss of data that occurs should the systems not like your hardware.

Every effort has been taken to include only those systems stable enough to demonstrate the abilities of the students.


These assignments represent a MIX of standards - some scored well, others not so. Many of these systems were completed when Access was a new product. Standards and background knowledge change, as do student expectations. No marks have been provided with each system - you be the judge

Systems available in ZIP from QSITE or off Conference CDROM

EXAMPLE 1: Four Seasons of Cooking

student sample

File To Run: 4Seasons.mdb

S. Halsall and A. Worthington, 1994.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: This is a primitive but effective Virtual Cookbook combining recipes, ingredients, methods and menus into an attractive package.

4 Seasons Of Cooking
Screen shot

NOTES: Produced by a couple of 'Sound' students, this package represents good work - care has been taken by the students to think out the visual appeal of the interface and consistency of controls. This system (one of few remaining from that year due to 'floppy fatigue') represents our first attempts at using Access as an RDMS - a learning process for all concerned.

EXAMPLE 2: Kneedon Football Cards

student sample

File To Run: kfc.mdb

D. Kneebone and A. Gordon, 1995.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: This is a sport player profile style system that features our First XV football squad, their photos and 'vital' statistics.

Kneedon Football Cards
Screen shot

NOTES: With the recent acquisition of a Digital camera, this database began to capture actual people and their data, along with embedded MsGraph statistics that add to a simple but effective system.

EXAMPLE 3: The Visual Dump

student sample

File To Run: Dump.mdb

N. Coghlan and B. Brown, 1995.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: This system goes much of the way to providing a Relational MUD (Multi-User Dungeons and dragons scenario). Players wander around rooms, encounter monsters, collect equipment and experience points.

The Visual Dump
Screen shot

NOTES: Much of what this system achieves was the result of considerable research and experimentation on the students part. The system allows a single player to traverse a maze of rooms and passageways, displays 'live' statistics and allows you to examine player belongings. We had no idea how to do much of what this system currently does, and so represented a significant challenge for student and teacher alike.

When running the system, you must use the character id: testchar with the password: letmein

EXAMPLE 4: Card Quest

student sample

File To Run: cquest.mdb

M. Boulter and A. Rapkins, 1995.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: These guys were avid "Magic - The Gathering" role playing fanatics. This system manages data about collections of collector cards, trading worth and associated details.

Card Quest
Screen shot

NOTES: The interface was well thought out and the product was of good quality for "Sound-High" students.

EXAMPLE 5: Wizard Search

student sample

File To Run: dkd.mdb

D. Finn, K. Hoeft and D. Prosser, 1995.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: An On line Software Guide that provides ratings, information regarding requirements and platform for various titles of computer software.

Wizzard Search
Screen shot

NOTES: Apart from the detailed interface, this system also attempted to allow users to select a collection of software titles into their 'electronic basket' then select the hardware appropriate for that collection.

EXAMPLE 6: Herb Lore

student sample

File To Run: herblore.mdb

N. Heim, A. Kerr and D. Myers, 1996.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: This system was designed as an on line herb guide. It also linked herbs to their uses (both cooking and medicinal) and had a related cookbook available.

Herb Lore
Screen shot

NOTES: Parts of this system remain undeveloped, but overall it is useful with an intuitive interface. This was the result of a group with wildly varying abilities ("Very High" down to "Low").

EXAMPLE 7: Cyber Games Review

student sample

File To Run: cyber.mdb

M. Vowles and C. Dodemont, 1996.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: This is an on line computer games review system, including screen shots, sound samples and a wealth of information to allow 'gamers' to evaluate products before they bought them.

Cyber Games
Screen shot

NOTES: 'Overload' is the best way to describe the look of this interface, as the screen is very 'busy', information is less clear than it could be. This system is well written, and provides a great depth and variety of information and took advantage of the 'new' multimedia PC's it was written on.

EXAMPLE 8: Formula 1: Grand Prix

student sample

File To Run: f1gp.mdb

Authors M. Seeto, N. Valmas and M. Williams, 1996.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: This is a Sport Profile type package that showcases Drivers, cars, tracks and other statistics from the 1996 GrandPrix circuit.

Formula 1: Grand Prix
Screen shot

NOTES: This intuitive interface and extensive resources this database system draws upon makes this a compelling product.

EXAMPLE 9: Old Boys Database

student sample

File To Run: oldboy.mdb

D. Gardiner and N. Ephraums, 1996.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: This system records and presents data about past students of the college - it includes photos, achievements whilst at school and career moves after leaving school

Oldboys Database
Screen shot

NOTES: This system has a consistent interface and presents data intuitively to the user. The ON LINE MANUAL for this system is quite extensive also

EXAMPLE 10: Virtual Realty

student sample

File To Run: estate.mdb

K. Hoo, S. Petty and S. Janczuk, 1996.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: This system presents Real Estate data colorfully, including photos of different properties, characteristics and facilities, agents, prices and all that a budding estate agent could want.

Real Estate Database
Screen shot

NOTES: This system has much that is appealing - sensible use of graphics (although it appears that the group were 'colour blind'), consistency of interface and intuitive controls which combine to deliver a powerful system.

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