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Humpty - Did he fall or was he pushed?
Startling new evidence emerges.

Startling pictures just received to the PSTimes implicates a 'third party' in the supposed suicide of Humpty Dumpty. Sources close to Gemima's lawyers say she feels vindicated in the light of the new evidence.
Humpty Dumpty sleeping with the fishes?
A yet to be identified ''third party' implicated in the gruesome Humpty Dumpty murder shown in this video footage recieved this morning. Both Gemima and Big Ted have remained tight-lipped after being accused of the murder last week. Story page 11.

"I'm Innocent" states B1 whose aliby can only be corroborated by B2. In a further twist, both B1 and B2 say they are being framed by the bears that live next door - jealous of their success and media profile for years. News at 11.
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