VRML twirly thing

Presented herein are some of my attempts at VRML scenes.
c[HAI]r, sp[IDE]r, c[A]r, sol[ARSY]stem, f[RED], m[OLE]cules, [PI]g
fur[NIT]ure, li[BRA]ry, c[HOP]per, h[OR]se, [BE]e, d[ICE], gl[ASS]es, mo[ON]

wOnKo's VRML2 experiments: Pong, Earth

Fred Screen Grab

48Kb - My first VRML scene using Breeze Designer V2.0. I finally worked out how to distort standard primitives, hence the 'better' mouth and eyebrows.

Redback Spider Scene

79Kb - This spider scene attempts to portray a more complex scene (although, it is composed of simple primitives - spheres, planes, disks and a torus)

molecule Scene

15Kb - A pair of molecules - water on the left, Benzine on the right. The Benzine ring features alternative double bonds and an interesting Hydrogen Atom attachment.
53Kb - The Starship Enterprize, drawn from memory - fairly happy with the proportions of this, given I used no reference picture except the vague memory of the ship flying around an alien planet in the Original Series opening credits.
Our Solar System 37Kb - Our Solar System. My Very Easy Memory Jingle Seems Useful Naming Planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth+moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto). Note the transparency (I finally figured out how to do this) of the ring around Saturn.
Table and Chairs This world started out of a need - I needed a 'chair' for a Playschool Motif (ie. "There's a bear in there"). The chair I drew in Breeze deisgner, and was so pleased with it that the Dining suite was a natural addition - coming soon, Lounge chairs and TV to match. I was tempted to put 'fruit' in the bowl and plates and cutlery on the place-mats (for about 12nS). NOTE: this furniture design does not actually exist in the real world - rather it is the product of a sick mind :). If it did, however, I would suggest RED-CEDAR for the table and chairs and a vivid BLUE brocade for the chair inserts (or maybe turquoise).
The Terrace Library 180ish Kb - This is a rendering of the current configuration of the Br. J.S. Campbell Library Resource Centre. I was unsure if I could do it justice, but am pleased with the results. Constructed in Breeze Designer - I have finally reached the limits of it's capacity to accurately composit 3-D scenes. Many objects will eventually link to pages of info, best not to click on them until this .wrl is embedded into the Terrasite correctly.
A Sports Car 171Kb - My first Attempt at Solid Modelling using Corel Dream3d. I found a freeware program on the 'Net that successfully converts DXF files into .WRL files - the results of my experiments follow. Note, you can go 'inside' this car if you walk carefully.
A Pink Pig 305Kb - A "Pink Pig". This could be a trademark of a successful multimedia company. The Pig is a polygon mesh, the trotters are separate as are the 'possessed' eyes. By going 'inside' the pig you get to see the pig from the inside out - a bizarre experience to enter through it's snout, and out through it's tail :)
A Chopper 1486Kb - This is 3d Clipart from CorelDream 3d - exported as a DXF file and converted to VRML by wOnKo - Huge download, lots of detail, very processor intensive (mathematically).

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