What is VRML?

Virtual Reality = oxymoronic playground
Modelling Language

A method of describing objects, light sources, cameras and viewpoints into a scene

3D Axes x, y, z planes

Primitives include cubes, boxes, cones, spheres, planes and so on.

Objects have characteristics or properties that can be altered, including their surface colour, reflectivity, opacity, luminance.

Objects interact with light sources, causing highlights, shadows and textures

Objects combine to create worlds

Objects can be 'hot' - ie. they link via HTTP to other things (web pages, other WRL files etc.)

Worlds contain cameras that can move (in VRML1 worlds) that provide us with a means of viewing the world from that point of view, and the illusion of movement

Objects can also move (in VRML2 worlds) - I am still learning how to do that - i,possible IMHO to program without a world builder.

VRML is VERY processor intensive - WRL files are rendered live to screen. The viewer/plugin has to recalculate hidden surfaces, ambient and reflected light conditions with shadows and so on dynamically at a sufficient rate to give the illusion of smooth movement.

roll the dice!

Who can create it?

anyone - either by typing the necessary TEXT descriptors for each object in ABSOLUTE x-y-z coordinates:
 DEF _MainSpotLight PointLight {
     on TRUE
     intensity 1.000
     location 0 0 24

or by using a World Building tool like

or by using a conventional 3D drafting tool (like Autocad, Versacad etc), exporting your 3D geometry as a .DXF files, and converting them to VRML

What do I need to See it?

A browser

A VRML Plugin like Cortona

Cosmo Player 2 in action


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