The Sky's The Limit

State-of-the art 8088W processor single-user, single-tasking, 16 bit databus, millions of FLOPS a minute, Kb of RAM built in with a handy on/off switch mounted on the underside of the console for safety and convenience - power enough for today's computing and beyond. The console has a built-in light on the top that glows in a high-tech way*. The videographics subsystem* is capable of 16 colours- dithered to near photorealism at a breath-taking 320x200 resolution. At 17kg, the W:Box is the perfect portable gaming console for all the family. Listen to music by positioning the W:Box near your stereogram. Watch the latest movies by positioning your W:Box near your Televisual Apparatus. Versatile, powerful and safe for the whole family*. Full range of colours available including purple.
  W:BOX - the Sky's The Limit  

The Controller pack* has latest Joy Stick technology and connects to the serial port of W:Box using the optional Serial Interface Kit*. The Composite Video Cable Kit* allows you to connect your W:Box directly to your black and white TV. The Power Pack* allows you to connect the 120V DC outlet. The Power Converter Pack* allows you to safely connect the Power Pack to mains power. The Tape Storage interface* enables you to store and retreive your programs on audio cassette for convenience. The handy Carry Case* makes this the ideal portable gamers platform. USB (User Susceptible Bandwidth) incompatible. RADIO connectivity. Tune to AM radio via newly designed special cable* in
colours of your choice.

W:Box is awaiting confirmation of actual titles being released, but is negotiating with Notendo, Segga, Mattel, wOnKoSOFT, Flatari, Commode, Samy and DARPA for a full range of games. W:Box offers the Expansion Pack* that contains an operating system (W:DOS) and a programming language (W:Basic) to add functionality to the hardware.

*sold separately; *radiation not known to cause side-effects; *not recommended for children under the age of 12 - small parts that may cause choking, display may cause fits with epileptics - seek medical advice before buying. Not to be used as a flotation device. Some assembley required. If swallowed, seek medical advice (or Guiness book of records). May not conform to local telecommunication and emission standards. No user-servicable parts inside. Opening packaging voids warranty.

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