wOnKoSOFT presents


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Recorder, Playback and Tuner* System in one unit.
Smart I/O optical port automatically senses
stereo microphone
* or headpones* for
stunning performance at recording and playback.

Storage modules using the new wRAM* chip
(16, 64 and 128Gb sizes available).
* technology* record hundreds of
hours of high quality audio onto one
easy to insert memory module


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Some assembly required. No user-serviceable parts inside. Opening packaging voids warranty. Not to be used as a flotation device. If swallowed play Kylie Minogue to induce vomiting. Accessories sold separately. * Patent Pending * Registered Trademark * sold separately * radiation not directly linked with birthdefects * Not know to comply with any known emmission standards * contains small parts - represents choking hazards to everyone if used to play NKOTB * warranty for the lifetime of the appliance which may vary greatly * SDLLLP = Super Duper Long Long Long Play

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