wOnKo's Currant Loaf



    1. Mix currants, tea and sugar together. Stand for 2-3 hours (or overnight) for the currents to plump up and be gorgeous.

    2. Preheat the oven to moderately hot (375 degrees F) 200 degrees C. Grease then flour a loaf tin

    3. Sift four and salt, schloop in currant mixture, mix until combined. .

    4. Schloop the mixture into the prepared tin, tidy the top..

      Bake for one hour, rotating the tin 180 degrees once to prevent burning on one side, until the top is golden and the centre is set (testing it to see a skewer comes out clean).
      (timing will depend on the oven)

    5. Place tin on wire rack and wait a few minutes then ease out of tin and cover with a clean tea towel until it is cool.

      Slice thinly and serve buttered when a little old, without when fresh.

      Store (if it will last) in an airtight tin.

This loaf is simple to make, requires few ingredients or talent to make and is great with tea/coffee and is guaranteed to contain no calories unless you actually eat it


microwave NOT Suitable for microwaving - will not rise, will refuse to brown, and will end up an un-palatible stodgy mess if you zap it. Let it cool completely before you eat it - it's texture improves as it cools off and it is easier to cut (else it tends to break up, straight out of the oven).
family Kid Friendly - this loaf is nice enough for your kids to ask for more - better to lie to them, say it burned and you had to throw it all out - they won't buy this story but it gets you off the hook psychologically when you end up eating it all yourself.

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