.....where do you want to go today?

Wanna get GRAPHIC?

some of the most annoying software in the world today

Here at wOnKoSOFT, we have been working long and hard
to provide our valued customers with higher stress levels,
more useless features and even more clumsy interfaces.

drwho.exe 3.8mb An app that generates Dr Who plot lines randomly (but scarily accurately)
lift.zip 99Kb A curious application that simulates a lift - next step, optimal path to suit all buttons pressed at a time
scaredycalc.zip 97Kb A fully functioning calculator with the wOnKoSOFT difference
wOnKoSCAPE.zip 180Kb

wOnKoSCAPE - the other-other browser v0.00001 (! - browser formally known as Beryl).

(primitive experiments with HTTP objects in Delphi4)

darts.zip 97Kb

Bored with the conventional game of darts? Why not get bored with a game of wonkodarts.

(experiments with drawing primitives on a form's canvas)

hangman.zip 101Kb Hang sentient non-gender-specific lifeform, with clues being either seabirds, chemical elements or HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy trivia.
pong.zip 222Kb The classic game with a wOnKo twist, red versus blue in this compelling game. Reworked with a manic speed and resizable playing court
speedy.zip 99Kb Three racers race across a form, who will win?
startrek.zip 129Kb My first attempt at a screen-saver (sorry Paramount/Viacom) from shamelessly stolen graphics of the 'Enterprise, A, B, C, D and E) - watch them as they warp accross the screen. (W95+ users, drop this in the windows directory).
tactix.zip 95Kb 4x4 Noughts and crosses - easy to win, if you know how.
woblebot.zip 95Kb A 'cutesy' wobbly robot trundles randomly accross the screen in this screen saver.