The User Interface

There is much to do here....

We are assuming a MINIMUM of 800x600 resolution on the client screen, with 256 colours being ok (we will build to full colour I think, with websafe colours wherever possible). We are bundling IE5 on the disk, but will ensure it looks ok in Netscape v4 browser as well. If the client has anything less, we will <politely> suggest they upgrade.

The original puzzle motif was in the shape of Oz - the puzzle pieces are great, scrap the map of aust - mutate the design into an artistically (unlike the stuff that follows) arranged part of a jigsaw and you have a motif that can be re-used all over the place. Embed (graphically (in overlay or similar - just a hint..) the 'GT' and use the puzzle as one way around.

Detect Screen

Determines what browser you have, offers download of IE5 and plugins, provides option of HTML or FLASH intro

Flash intro includes access to all of next screens info then leads to Screen 1

Intro Screen

Video intro, preambles, option to goto content or view credits/greets

Credits and Greets Screen

presents credits, sponsors and greetings or to content

Screen1 : Main Area Screen
main area screen

From here, we branch to the major section screens, view credits, replay intros?
Dimensions here

Screen1.5: Section Screen

mouseover makes adjacent puzzle mosaic "come to life" with images about that section, greyiny out other 4 sections. On mouse click on that section, puzzle mosaic becomes an image-mapped menu - each leading to a screen 2?
single area screen

Screen2: A content screen
a possible content screen shot
Down the left side frame, there would be a fixed navigation menu (90pix wide), top pane would be a Section Index frame [A-C][D-F]...(again, 90pix high). The content frame is a table, with media on the right (caption under, then SEEALSO under that). The left column of the content frame table contains title, some arrangement of metadata (year, author etc) then story. Dimensions here

The popup for the graphic launches at 500x375 - meaning our full size graphics are that size also - thumbnails are resized by height and width in the table specification

Section Index Screen

an a-z mockup - thanks Chris T

the puzzle motif explored a little

lThe puzzle piece thingy lends itself to the use of many images (powerclipped in place). It could be an animated gif or mouseovers that do things in an interesting way depending on where you point.

You can link to a pre-drawn puzzle piece as a .cdr file (13kb), alternatively, chuck that away and start again .Puzzle mosiac starter here (6k)

The TERRACE Crest as a CDR is also available here

We could also extend the puzzle texture out from the logo to 'bleed' it into the surrounding page.