PRATTLER - for people with something to say
ORM Diagram with Constraints

prattler ORM Diagram

This ORM Diagram MAPS to TABLES (via the ONF Algorithm) > like so <

What I am assuming:

- Users are termed "prats", what they publish is termed a "prattle"
- Prats can (but do not have to) follow other prats and can in turn be followed by many prats
- Prats can (but do not have to) prattle and can in turn prattle many times but _never_ at the same instant as another prattle by them
- Prats will be given a default icon until they replace it with one of their choice
- Prats may (but do not have to) have homepages or biographical information entered
- A "prattle" is said by ONLY ONE prat, a RE-prattles gets their own id
- A prats' prattle stream is composed of prattles from prats they are following, arranged most recent to most ancient

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