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Bored with the conventional game of darts? Why not get bored with a game of wonkodarts.

(experiments with drawing primitives on a form's canvas) 101Kb Hang sentient non-gender-specific lifeform, with clues being either seabirds, chemical elements or HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy trivia. 212Kb The classic game with a wOnKo twist, red versus blue in this compelling game. 99Kb Three racers race across a form, who will win? 129Kb My first attempt at a screen-saver (sorry Paramount/Viacom) from shamelessly stolen graphics of the 'Enterprise, A, B, C, D and E) - watch them as they warp accross the screen. (W95+ users, drop this in the windows directory). 95Kb 4x4 Noughts and crosses - easy to win, if you know how. 95Kb A 'cutesy' wobbly robot trundles randomly accross the screen in this screen saver.

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