UoD #9 - O N H I G H

ON HIGH - © 2003 - [U]niverse [o]f [D]iscourse

Ambient-esque texture takes you soaring on high above the pressures of modern life.

This track originally was going to be something completely different but emerged as the first starter after a prolonged break from noise making

.... what can you make of it?

The Rules:

  • wOnKo - Starter Material, Muon, Flute, Pluck and simple drum patterns
  • who next?

ONE new generator (unlimited effects) per permutation (but NO M4wII, Taurus or Sinus) - out of the cacophany music emerges...

ON HIGH (starter material)

this material is COPYRIGHT, and may NOT be copied for public performance unless
express permission from the owners is obtained
ask and the answer will probably be yes

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