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STRIPart started as a simple idea - take a picture and select a sliver of that picture that was interesting in it's own right. The extreem horizantality of the format forces different aesthetic decisions. Complicate that by a themed, tinted montage anf you are close to understanding STRIPart - have a go!

Take a colour patch, and, using the theme and tonal range make somethign that is interesting in it's own right. Email it back and see it take it's place in the montage of spectral rollovers. Read the PLAN of a TACK to see what is special about this project then get involved.
... here are the results

Cracking Up started as a hard days work. A jackhammer violates an otherwise pristine concrete slab and all hell breaks loose.

The ONLY rule is that a subsequent image must feature the previous image (somewhere). Using a paint package, the image is loaded, manipulated and re-inserted into the system where the file was handed on to others to modify, add to, mutate and permutate
... here are the results

Clutching @ Straws started as an idea for some album art for an as-yet, unsigned band. The original idea was that of wrestling with or being entangled and entwined in technology - the result looks more like people pulling in opposite directions - which might not be a bad metaphor for the creative energies of any successful creative collective.
... here are the results

Grate Expectations surfaced as a result of an urban art experience. It is a rusted grating, leaded paint flaking and very much worse for wear.
... here are the results

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