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UoDv # 2- Clutching @ Straws

Clutching @ Straws started as an idea for some album art for an as-yet, unsigned band. The original idea was that of wrestling with or being entangled and entwined in technology - the result looks more like people pulling in opposite directions - which might not be a bad metaphor for the creative energies of any successful creative collective.

The ONLY rule is that a subsequent image must feature some part of the previous image (somehow, somewhere). Using a paint package (what ever you have), manipulate and mail the result back for others to modify, add to, mutate and permutate. Images are .JPGs, please USE NO compression.

Click on the thumbnail of your choice:

  UoD2-Clutching@Straws UoD2_Briteness
UoD2 - aA's Mod    

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