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UoD is a state of being and a way of doing

We live in a world obsessed with owning things- this eats at the very heart of what UoD is established to do.
By freely adding the creative energies of many individuals, the sum of the parts is greater than the individuals who create them.
Liberating ownership of artefacts opens the door to uncensored creativity and uninhibited enthusiasm.
Trusing others to 'treat' your work in different ways is also liberating - will you let it be so for you?

Universe refers to the worlds within worlds we all find ourself in - some real, others imagined, still others waiting to be discovered, others lurking beneath the psyche of our subconscious and still others managed and manipulated by other people. Recognising the existence and being able to see through those worlds gives you a perspective and personal stance on that small fraction of the universe that you are able to perceive;

of is merely a connective or bridging term;

Discourse is communication - sharing of idea, creative energy and trust in others

Universe of Discourse will come to mean anything you want it to mean.

Stay tuned for the Website, CD, Book and Movie, Novelty Condom, Beer Coaster...

this material is COPYRIGHT, and may NOT be copied for public performance unless express permission from the owners is obtained - ask and the answer will probably be yes

Money is the root of all evil
and we are all rooted deeply
with and without it....

Commerce and UoD
(and other oxymorons)

UoD as a music collective has at its core, members wOnKo (Peter Whitehouse), a|A (Anthony Massingham), afro88 (Max Clarke) and sA/utopienne (Sam Clifford). This core collective has evolved over an extended period of time, and is the "group" if such a label is ever required. This core holds the copyright and intellectual property and performance rights of all released UoD works.

We welcome and value GUEST performers who have joined us on a number of song modifications - these have included Aud and Nuck to date, but may include others as well depending on the life of this collective. We welcome guest performers but the UoD core retain creative control over all UoD content.
Live performances with UoD are by invitation only. Any GUEST that features in the modification chain of a work will receive due acknowledgement and benefit from any financial returns under arrangement with the UoD core members.

This complication was only necessary as we near a 'saleable' musical object and border disputes occur over distribution of revenue

Money is the root of all evil
and we are all rooted deeply
with and without it

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