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typically, APP/Program creation proceeds as follows:

  1. design interface, algorithms
  2. create interface components
  3. define variables
  4. identify events and program them
  5. refine/improve

Hi-Lo A classic Number guessing Game

Screen Design: We use Balsamiq Mockups - fabulous interface design paper prototyping tool (go get it at )

HiLo mockup


The game needs some branding

and maybe some eye candy

a label statement of boundaries

an edit box place to input your guess

a button to accept your guess

a label for feedback on the goodnicity of that guess

a button for new game


Go get the App Inventor Template ready made for you - HiLoTemplate.aia (DOWNLOAD* this to your pooter, then IMPORT it into AppInventor.

*If on an iPAD, download and place in DROPBOX or GOOGLEDRIVE