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This project came about because of my BIG MOUTH. I have long been an advocate of communal resources for Teachers. Traditionally, teachers have not been very good at sharing their work with others and have in the past been very protective of their ideas.

In this INFORMATION AGE, we as teachers of computer studies have a responsibility to demonstrate appropriate use of available technology. The World Wide Web is a powerful publishing platform, and an invaluable aid for the timely dissemination of quality information to our teaching colleagues.

As the Information Superhighway develops, much of what we hold as print resources will appear in a virtual context. The virtual copy will avail us a signifigant advantage, however, that print resources cannot not hope to match - immediacy and currency.

QSITE approached me and asked me to put my HTML where my mouth was and to attempt to put together a site for teachers, by teachers... hence this project.

I do not intend to cover things already dealt with in the variety of other online resources, but merely to add to what is available.

I do not claim to have produced 'the B all and End All' of resources for teachers either. Rather, I have taken those papers available ON DISK from QSITE, and those I could read on my lowly PC, I have included here. Looking through the proceedings from past conferences, I wish there was more articles available to release in this form.

Much of the resource contained within this archive has been published in the real world (what ever that is) as part of QSITE Conference Proceedings from State and Chapter Conferences. Wherever possible (within the limitations of HTML) the original document format has been preserved.

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