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Computer Systems

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Algorithms and Programming

Fifoot, B. Using LOGO To Introduce the Algorithms and Programming Topic in IPT, 1994, AP
McGilvray, N. An Introduction to Event-Driven Programming Using Delphi, 1995, AP
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Information Systems

Carey, D. Using Visio Modeller, 1999, IS
Gordon, C. An Overview of Infomodeller, 1995, IS
Jeffree, J. Building Forms in MS Access, 1995, IS
Stead, A. and Luck, T. R:Base - It's Use in a Senior School, 1994, IS
Whitehouse, P.R. Information System Development using MS Access 2.0, 1995, IS
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Artificial Intelligence

Lynch, I. Expert Systems in Prolog, 1994, AI
McGilvray, N. Teaching Artificial Neural Networks, 1995, AI
Summers, G. CLIXPERT - An Expert System Shell, 1996, AI
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Social and Ethical Implications

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Control Systems and Robotics

Cheers, T. and Johnson, G. PCM Robotics Through Lego, 1994, ROB
Kerans, S. Environmental Sensing, 1995, CONT SYS
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Herring, P. A Case Study of an Interactive Multi-Media Project, 1995, MM
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Gordon, C. Music On A PC, 1995, PUB
Hoffman, G. Microsoft Publisher and Desktop Publishing, 1994, DTP
Jacoby, K. and White, M. Publishing a Childrens Story Book - A Project in PCM, 1994, DTP
Kember, D. An Introduction to Computer Graphics Using PowerPoint, 1995, GRAPHICS
Kerans, S. CDROM Production In Schools, 1995, PUB
Summers, G. MCTEST - A utility designed to allow the construction of Multi-Choice Tests, 1997, PUB
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Computer Aided Design

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Curriculum & Policy

Kenna, K. School Information Technology Strategy - A model for development, 1995, POLICY
Potter, D. Challenge Computing, 1995, CURRIC
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