MCTEST Version 2

Graeme Summers

Coolum State High School,
Coolum, Sunshine Coast. 1997.

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Included here are a pidgeon pair of programs:

The two programs MCDESIGN.EXE and MCRUN.EXE were written by Graeme Summers (Coolum SHS) in 1995 using Microsoft Visual Basic. They were tidied up for distribution September 1996. The version you have is 2.0.

There is no copyright on the programs. They may be freely distributed provided they remain in their original form.

They can be used on any computer running Windows 3.1x or Windows 95.

While the sample tests are mainly directed to IPT students in the secondary school, tests could easily be designed for students from primary school to tertiary level.

There is no charge for the programs. If you use them, and find value in them, I would appreciate receiving copies of any tests you develop (especially in the IPT subject). I'm sure others would appreciate sharing the tests around. Perhaps they could be made available through the QSITE community.

Both programs feature an intuitive interface, and offer a much needed utility for assessment.


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