CLIXPERT Version 3.2

Graeme Summers

Coolum State High School,
Coolum, Sunshine Coast. 1996

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CLIXPERT is a simple to use yet powerful Expert System shell. It's intuitive graphical interface allows users to easily convert Dichotomous Trees into decision logic. It use of the mouse, and it's ability to incorporate simple graphics make it a useful tool in the teaching of Expert Systems.

Clixpert is a knowledge base editor and interpreter for the Windows environment. Written by Graeme Summers of Coolum SHS, it is aimed at IPT and PCM students but has potential for a broad range of students.

It features the ability to develop knowledge bases without the writing of code. Users will appreciate the facility to use graphics to support consultations.

Version 3.2 is currently available here, and was released mid 1997. It features numeric calculations including the ability to build formulas for particular goals.


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