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Information Processing & Technology - A Virtual Approach

© 2006 Peter Whitehouse. Brisbane, Australia.

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Alternatively, you could consult Irving Kind's BABEL
or look it up in the TechWeb Jargon Encyclopaedia

ACRONYMS collected in this list are thought to be correct at the time of publishing. Should any additional acronyms be known, or inconsistencies appear, the author would appreciate feedback to fix them.


        ADP             Automatic Data Processing
        ACIA            Asynchronous Communications 
                        Interface Adapter
        ACK             ACKnowledge character
        ACT             Automatic Code Translation
        ACU             Automatic Calling Unit
        ADA             Automatic Data Aquisition
        ADP             Automatic Data Processing
        ADX             Automatic Data Exchange
        AI              Artificial Intelligence
        AIX             Advanced Interactive eXecutive 
                        - UNIX variant
        ALU             Arithmetic Logic Unit
        AMR             Automatic Message Routing
        ANSI            American National Standards Institute
        APA             All Points Adressable
        API             Applicaations Program Interface
        APPC            Application Program to Program 
        ARQ             Automatic ReQuest for repetition
        ASCII           American Standard Code for 
                        Information Interchange
        ASIC            Application Specific Integrated Circuit
        ASM             ASseMbler code
        ASPI            Advances SCSI Programming Interface
        ASR             Automatic Send/Receive
        ASV             Automatic Self Verification
        AT              Advanced Technology
        ATM             Automatic Teller Machine
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        BASIC           Beginners All-purpose Symbolic 
                        Instruction Code
        BBS             Bulletin Board Service
        BCD             Binary Coded Decimal
        BCO             Binary Coded Octal
        BEX             Broadband EXchange
        BIOS            Basic Input Output System
        BIT             Binary digIT
        BPS             Bits Per Second
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        CAD/CAM         Computer Aided Design/
                        Computer Aided Manufacture
        CAI             Computer Aided Instruction
        CAL             Computer Aided Learning
        CASE            Computer-Aided Software Engineering
        CBT             Computer Based Training
        CCITT           Comitte' Consultatif International 
                        Telegraphique et Telephonique
        CDC             Call Directing Code
        CD-ROM          Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
        CGA             Color Graphics Adapter 
                        (640x200 mono, 320x200 4 from 16 col)
        CGM             Computer Graphics Metafile
        CISC            Complex Instruction Set Computers
        CMOS            Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semi-conductor
        COBOL           COmmercial and Business Oriented Language
        CP/M            Control Program/Monitor - operating system
        CPI             Characters Per Inch
        CPS             Characters Per Second
        CPU             Central Processing Unit
        CRC             Cyclic Redundancy Check
        CRT             Cathode Ray Tube
        CSD             Conceptual Schema Design/Diagram
        CVF             Compression Volume File
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        DAT             Digital Audio Tape
        DBCS            Double Byte Character Set
        DBMS            Database Management System
        DCC             Direc Cable Connect
        DCI             Digital Control Interface
        DDE             Dynamic Data Exchange
        DET             Data Entry Terminal
        DIF             Data Interchange Format
        DMA             Direct Memory Access
        DMP             Dot Matrix Printer
        DOS             Disk Operating System
        DP              Data Processing
        DPI             Dots Per Inch
        DR-DOS          Digital Research Disk Operating System
        DRP             Disaster Recovery Plan
        DTP             Desk Top Publishing
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        EDI             Electronic Data Interchange
        EDP             Electronic Data Processing
        EFT             Electronic Funds Transfer
        EGA             Enhanced Graphics Adapter 
                        (640x350 16 from 64 col)
        EHLLAPI         Emulated HLLAPI
        EISA            Extended Industry Standard Architecture
        EMAIL           Electronic MAIL
        EMS             Expanded Memory Specification
        EPOS            Electronic Point Of Sale
        EPROM           Erasable Programmable ROM
        ES              Expert System
        ESDI            Enhanced Small Device Driver
        EUC             End User Computing
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        FAT             File Allocation Table
        FDD             Fixed Disk Drive
        FILO            First In Last Out (a queue)
        FLOPS           Floating Point Operations per Second
        FLOPTICAL       FLOppy oPTICAL disk/drive
        FORTRAN         FORmula TRANslator language
        FTP             File Transfer Protocol - a common method of moving files
                        around on the internet (uploading and downloading often 
                        use this protocol
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        G               Giga  (1,000,000,000 or 1,073,741,824)
        GEM             Graphics Environment Manager
        GIF             Graphics Interface Format
        GIGO            Garbage In Garbage Out
        GUI             Graphical User Interface
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        HAL             Hardware Abstraction Layer
        HDD             Hard Disk Drive
        HGC             Hercules Graphics Card (720x348 mono)
        HLLAPI          High-Level Language Application 
                        Programming Interface
        HPCL            Hewlett-Packard Control Language
        HPGL            Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
        HTTP            HyperText Transport Protocol - the World Wide Web
                        is composed of web pages sent to you via this protocol 
        Hz              Hertz (cycles per second)
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        I/O             Input Output
        IBG             Inter Block Gap
        IBM             International Business Machines
        IC              Integrated Circuit
        IDE             Integrated Device Electronics
        IP              Internet Protocol Address
        IRGB            Intensity Red Green Blue
        ISA             Industry Standard Architecture
        ISDN            Integrated Services Digital Network
        IWHO            In Wonko's Humble Opinion
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        K               Kilo (1,000 or 1,024)
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        LAN             Local Area Network
        LCD             Liquid Crystal Display
        LED             Light Emitting Diode
        LIFO            Last In First Out (a stack)
        LOC             Lines Of Code
        LQ              Letter Quality
        LSI             Large Scale Integration 
                        (1,000-10,000 transistors on a chip)
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        M               Mega (1,000,000 or 1,048,576)
        MDA             Monochrome Display Adapted (text mode only)
        MDI             Multiple Document Interface
        MEGAFLOP        millions of FLOating Point 
                        operations per Second
        MIDI            Musical Instrument Digital Interface
        MIPS            Millions of Instructions Per Second
        MISC            Minimum Instruction Set Computers
        MO Drive        Magneto-Optical disk drive
        MODEM           MODulator/DEModulator
        MS-DOS          Micro$oft Disk Operating System
        MTBF            Mean Time Between Failures
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        NIAM            Nijssen Information Analysis Method
        NLQ             Near Letter Quality
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        OCR             Optical Character Recognition
        OLE             Object Linking and Embedding
        ONF             Optimal Normal Form algorithm
        OOPS            Object-Oriented Programming System
        OROM            Optical ROM
        OSI             Open Systems Interconnection
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        P5              Pentium ('586')
        PABX            Private Automatic Branch Exchange
        PC              Personal Computer
        PCDOS           Personal Computer DOS (IBM's own)
        PCI             Peripheral Component Interconnect
        PDA             Personal Digital Assistant
        POS             Point Of Sale
        POTS            Plain Old Telephone System
        PPM             Pages Per Minute
        PTSN            Public Telephone Switching Network
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        QEMM            Quarterdecks Extended Memory Manager
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        RAD             Rapid Application Development
        RAID            Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
        RAM             Random Access Memory
        RDBMS           Relational Data-Base Management System
        RGB             Red Green Blue
        RISC            Reduced Instruction Set Computers
        RLE             Run Length Encoding
        ROM             Read Only Memory
        RSI             Repetitive Strain Injury
        RTFM            Read The Flooping Manual
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        SCSI            Small Computer Systems Interface
        SDF             Standard Data Format
        SIMM            System In-Line Memory Modules
        SMP             Symmetric Multi-Processing
        SOM             System Object Model
        SQL             Structured Query Language
        SVGA            Super VGA (Max resolution 
                        1024 x 768 pixels)
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        TCP/IP          Transmission Control Protocol/
                        Internet Protocol
        TPI             Tracks Per Inch
        TSR             Terminate and Stay Resident
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        UART            Universal Asynchronous 
Receiver-Transmitter UPC Universal Product Code UMB Upper Memory Blocks UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply UoD Universe of Discourse Return to TOP of Index


        VAFC            VESA Advanced Feature Channel
        VASM            Video Sequential Access Method
        VDU             Visual Display Unit
        VERONICA        Very Easy Rodent Oriented Netwide 
Index to Compterised Archives VESA Video Electronics Standards Association VFAT Virtual FAT VGA Video Graphics Adapter (640x480)
with 256 from 262,144 col VLB VESA Local Bus VLSI Very Large Scale Integration
(>10,000 transistors on a chip) VMC VESA Media Channel VOIP Voice over IP (using internet protocols to send telephone messages. Some chat clients do this (like Skype) VR Virtual Reality VRAM Video RAM Return to TOP of Index


        WAN             Wide Area Network
        WORM            Write Once Read Many (a type of drive)
        WOW             Windows16 on Windows32 = 'Thunking'
        WTF             What The Flooping-heck
        WYSBYGI         What You See Before You Get It
        WYSIWYG         What You See Is What You Get
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        XMS             eXtended Memory Specification
        XT              eXtended Technology
        XVGA            eXtended VGA
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