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Don't Panic

Getting Help

Assistance is available to you, the learner,
in many ways, there is plenty to do
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You get the assistance you ask for:

Direct Contact

Put up your hand and ASK your teacher questions.

That is why they are there and part of the reason they get huuuuge (lol) salaries - if you are not happy with the answer, ask politely for a re-phrasing of the answer, maybe a diagram or further example would help you to better understand. Do not let your teacher get away with baffling you with bullsh*t - you NEED to understand this stuff, step up and take charge.

Outside Class-Time

Make an appointment to see your teacher outside normal class times, or catch him as you move to a break - with some notice this is not usually a problem. This can be before school, lunchtime or after school. Leave your teacher alone at morning tea please - he may get snarly if you get between him and his caffeine.

Visit 5.12 at Lunchtimes, you will find your teacher there most days.

Ask Friends

Your friends can be the source both useful (and less than helpful) information.

Talk to them out-of-class. Often the way they explain an idea is easier for you to understand than the stuff you get from the teacher/text book in-class.

Be aware that some of your 'friends' might enjoy tampering with your computer system. Normal security precautions (firewalls, anti-virus, barbed wire, electrodes on...) should be used regardless of how 'trusted' the source is. "Shits and Giggles" is an irresistable force for your friends, do not give them an opportunity to trash your stuff.


Mail to pwhitehouse@optusnet.com.au, give me enough detail in the BODY of the message to help, include a return address so I can bounce it right back to you. Replys to Terrace IPT students are within 24hrs usually. Others may take a little longer, sorry, but my priority is supporting MY students first. Please ensure there is a SUBJECT to your email else my spam filter may trash it before I even see it.

Keep your language under control please (as you never know where I may decide to bounce a copy of your mail). Also, try and get the spolling as korrect as you can so I can decipher your massage.

Please DON'T attach files UNLESS you have been specifically asked to do so by me and have already checked the FILE SIZE with me FIRST (ALL un-requested attachments are trashed by me as a habit, unopened anyway, all virussed attachments are trashed by my mail filters also).

I do not appreciate SPAM, nor do I want you to forward me jokes, chain letters, subscriptions to various questionnable organisations or invitations to your friends lists, birthday books etc. I am happy to use e-mail to SUPPORT your learning but will not hesitate to add you to my "trash without reply" list if you choose to abuse that offer.

SKYPE Internet Telephony

Should you be a user of SKYPE then my User Identification Name is:


Have your people call my people - happy to chat about course-related things (remembering your chat is logged) - please keep social chat to your friends, remembering I am your TEACHER so must maintain a professional distance.

Keep your language in check please - you never know who might be looking over your/my shoulder. If I do not respond immediately, it could be that I am currently dealing with another open window (it is not unusual for me to be multitasking - do not take this as a put down, your call is important to me, just prolly not the only thing I am doing at that moment). Nothing is more annoying (or impolite) than students who continually type in the hope of trying to get me to answer more quickly.

FEEDBACK on Course

email me.

The ONLY failure is failure to participate...

Don't Blame Me - the ONLY failure is failure to participate



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