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Your 2DO list.
What have and will we be doing?

A jumplist for Terracitic IPT Students
UPDATED 20 November 2018

Link to Year 11 2do list11

link to year 12 2do list12

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This space is designed specifically to help Terrace IPT students through the course they are currently engaged in. Although formal homework is rarely set, there is ALWAYS something to do - next time you think wtf, reach for this list.......

Work currently in progress
Work we are currently doing in class (icon sometimes points to the actual item in the e-text)
Work Completed ready for assessment
Work Completed and so fair game for Diagnostic testing/Examination
(icon sometimes points to the actual item in the e-text)


Year 11 Course Work Log
If you have not got a working copy of XAMPP installed, get to it. MAC USERS DO NOT install a VM version - if unsure, wait until class and you will be guided through this  
We need XAMPP to run PHP - we are about to learn some Server-side computing.  
Explore PHP project repository  
Learning about PHP web apps - home page, meet and greet (using a simple FORM) , Quadratic solver (using GET) and Tikatek using POST  
"Game" programming using Rock Paper Scissors (and a neat little URL trickfeeding into a GET variable without the need for a form) and 2up  
Check out the PHP Language GUIDE and add to it things you have found useful  
Start here with theory and practice  
Refer to this, a terrific resource - w3Schools PHP Tutorials  
Can you make this? Can you identify WHEN this goes WRONG and WHY? Can you make it BETTER  

Assessment Calendar 2018:

  • Test 4 (Introduction to PHP) - Written Exam - End Semester 2 Exam Block


Year 12 Course Work Log
...all over red rover?  

Assessment Calendar 2018:

  • Look after each other, go do amazing things

This page is not relevant to anyone but a Terrace IPT student, teacher or parent wanting to check up on what their kids should be doing


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