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Your 2DO list.
What have and will we be doing?

A jumplist for Terracitic IPT Students
UPDATED 4 March 2018

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This space is designed specifically to help Terrace IPT students through the course they are currently engaged in. Although formal homework is rarely set, there is ALWAYS something to do - next time you think wtf, reach for this list.......

Work currently in progress
Work we are currently doing in class (icon sometimes points to the actual item in the e-text)
Work Completed ready for assessment
Work Completed and so fair game for Diagnostic testing/Examination
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Year 11 Course Work Log
You need an installed and working copy of LAZARUS v 1.6+ then hop to it please - it is a big download but you need it up and working Work currently in progress
Mac people need to download UBUNTU Desktop ISO, and VirtualBo. They need to INSTALL virtualbox, then create a new linux VM, install UBUNTU into this machine and then install Lazarus into that machine using the command

“sudo apt-get install lazarus”

We will do an environment orientation for Lazarus when all are installed. You need to know how to make and store a project, what the parts of the interface are used for and some simple component.  
Explore past projects in the Lazarus Project Repository  

Assessment Calendar 2018:

  • Test 1 (Introduction to Visual Pascal) - Practical Exam - End Term 1 Exam Block
  • WT1 - Writing Task 1
  • Test 2 (Control Structures) - Written Exam - End Semester 1 Exam Block
  • MP1 - Major Programming Project System- End Term 3
  • Test 3 (Data Structures) - Written Exam - End Term 3 Exam Block
  • MP1 - Documentation and Evaluation Report - Week 3 Term 4
  • Test 4 (Introduction to PHP) - Written Exam - End Semester 2 Exam Block


Year 12 Course Work Log
If you have not got a working copy of XAMPP installed, get to it, we will be using the MySQL and PHP components pretty well straight away Work currently in progress
Introduction to SQL - relational operations - read this, and this as an introduction  
MySQL Commands overview - making, breaking, adding data  
Further commands - altering tables, selecting data, like, grouping  
Multi-table commands - joining, subqueries  
Exercises to focus on: Family database, simple questions on the music database, the First Fleet database, the Blockbuster Video database, misc join queries, hotel db  
Online Query Engines of note: ffleet, music, publicdb, hotel, blockbuster  

Assessment Calendar 2018:

  • Exam 1 - SQL - Written Exam - End Term 1 Exam Block
  • WT2 - Writing Task 2 - Mid Term 2
  • MP2 - Major Social Database Assignment - System AND Documentation - End Term 3
  • Exam 2 - Information System Design - Written Exam - End Term 3 Exam Block
  • AI Folio - Minor Assignment - End Semester 4

This page is not relevant to anyone but a Terrace IPT student, teacher or parent wanting to check up on what their kids should be doing


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