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The Music Database

Simple Reports


Suppose the user requires a complete listing from the Music Database - including Album information, corresponding track listings if they exist along with any included performer lists. This report is based on the Albums table with the inclusion of two forms created in previous activities.

From the REPORTS window of the Database Window, choose New then Select A Table/Query and nominate the query AllAlbumsSortedByArtistDate as created in section 4.4, then choose Blank Report.

report builder

You are presented with a report builder window similar to that pictured above. Notice that the TOOLS and the PALETTE are functionally identical to the same tools available in a form generation window.

Notice that, by default, the 'page' is divided up into 3 sections - the PAGE HEADER and PAGE FOOTER relate to information that will be printed on EVERY page (and usually doesn't vary from page to page). These areas are generally reserved for things like letterheads, page numbers and the like. The DETAIL section of the report is where the database fields and associated labels and graphics appear.

From the Top Menu, select FORMAT and switch off form header and footer (the sample form does not use them). Then create the '3-d' frame by placing 1 rectangle (an indented one) on top of a larger raised one.

Press the FIELD LIST button on the button bar to obtain a copy of the Query fields available for this form. Drag and drop each of the fields as shown - some of the fields' labels have been deleted, some of the field values have been centred, bolded and/or the font sizes have been changed.

In order to embed the track listing into this report, select the SUBFORM/SUBREPORT TOOL button, drag an area approximately 1/2 of the page and edit the default label for that area to read someting like 'Songs on this album include:'.

embedding a sub-report in a report

Next, bring up the properties sheet for the sub-form and nominate the record source as the SongListing form created previously (conversly, build a query that selects all SerNums and Songs ordered by SerNum and Song, which only shows the Song).

Ensure that the sub-form only displays related rows by specifying MASTER and CHILD fields to SerNum - this performs an equijoin for you.

Ensure that the CAN GROW and CAN SHRINK properties to yes - this allows the defined area to automatically scale themselves depending on the amount of data there is to display.

On the other half of the report, place a sub-form containing artist and instrument ordered by artist and instrument. Beside the title box there is a small form that displays a tally of the number of related tracks.

Save the report with the name MusicDBCompleteListing then try it out by previewing the form in either PAGE mode or ZOOM mode

design mode completed report

In preview mode it is possible to 'flip' from page to page - the page margins, and amount of dedicated white space expands/contracts around the sub- reports due to the shrink/grow property.

print preview of report


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