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PHP/MySQL Experiments


The CRUD is an experiment in [C]ollaborative [R]ealtime [U]ser [D]omains - virtual spaces that will allow the users to navigate, build and textually embellish. This is sort of like a people-less online environment (in cyberspace, no one can hear you scream).

It was written from scratch by wOnko because he wanted a collaborative building tool and was used to things like MUDs and MOOs and because it was a nicely contained exercise that might lend itself to instruction.

Original rantings on what the CRUD should look and work like should be read first. Conceptual Modelling for the CRUD is also available.

ROOMS table

Column Name Data type Other stuff Info Sample data
RoomID autonumber PK a unique identifier for each room 42
RoomName varchar(80) MA ... the name of the room, der The Vermillion Room
RoomDessie text MA the textual description of the room You see a room that is all vermillion, vermillion in all directions. The light is on; it is also vermillion, as are the walls, door and floor. In the corner you notice light streaming in from outside and realise it is a way out.
RoomMedia text OP the URL of an image to decorate the room with http://www.wonko.info/ipt


Column Name Data type Other stuff Info Sample data
Exitid Autonumber PK A unique identifier for each door 1
Origin longinteger MA The room the door leaves from 42
Destination longinteger MA The room the door arrives in 43
DoorName varchar(80) MA The name of the door towards the light

Project Components:

  • Connect to the database
  • Create the ROOMS and EXITS tables
  • Insert some test ROOMs
  • Show all rows of ROOMS table
  • Show a nominated ROOM (supply RoomId at url)
  • Insert some test EXITS
  • Show all rows of EXITS table
  • Show EXITS relating to a nominated ROOM
  • Data entry form for a Room Definition
  • Data entry form for defining a door
  • Room Editor
  • Exits Editor

Goto the CODE JOTTER to see code segments for this project


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