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PHP/MySQL Experiments

The Blarg

The Blarg is an experiment in interactive design converging on a Blogging application that is live-to-web. It was written from scratch by wOnko because he wanted a blarging tool and didn't want to use anyone elses (picky bastard), and because it was a nicely contained exercise that might lend itself to instruction.

Original rantings on what the Blarg should look and work like should be read first.

A Blarg is a little like a Blog (weB LOG) but Blarg entries are typified by excessive amounts of blah blah blah and considerable amounts of aaaaarrrggghhh!

Goto the completed Blarg.

The Experiments below were sequential and converged on more and more sophisticated solutions.

Follow the bouncing mouse.....

  1. Make a connection to the database
  2. Create the table
  3. Insert a row of data as a trial
  4. Empty the table
  5. Throw the table away completely
  6. Output the current date/time
  7. Create a data entry Form in HTML
  8. Inject form data into the table
  9. Retrieve all table data (blarg entries)
  10. Retrieve just the latese blarg entry
  11. Make a login screen to authenticate users
  12. Process the username and password to verify they are correct
  13. Pass an ID as part of the URL
  14. Primitive current live list of all blarg entries
  15. Add/Edit added to live list of entries
  16. Display data being edited or deleted
  17. Perform the modification
  18. ... wip

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