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PHP Application - Making the URLbank
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URL B@nk

A Visual Guide

The URLb@nk (or The Searcheriz0r) is a simple web application that works a little like a DIY Google. The steps most recently taken to create it are listed below:

creating the table in phpmyadmin

In http://gigantor/phpmyadmin/ and create the table.

I chose utf8-general-ci as it is a common encoding standard and it ignores CASE (useful in a search engine when you cannot readily control how your users input their search string)

confirming the table create in phpmyadmin When you save the table, you get a confirm screen similar to the following - nice as you can edit any oddities [generally a good idea BEFORE you add any data]
adding a row of data in phpmyadmin Next, insert a couple of rows of data - it is IMPOSSIBLE to test if an application is working right without some real-looking data. 2 rows should be sufficient for initial testing
browsing data in phpmyadmin BROWSE the data to ensure it has made it into the table successfully
making a search form in Dreamweaver

Define a search form as the index.htm for your searcheriz0r folder - this makes it the default page for the browser.

Make the action POST and the target file results.php

defining search engine in Dreamweaver create a new file called results.php, add scripting to connect to the database, define a dumb (at this stage) query that goes and gets everything, and that then displays it sort of formatted as follows

Searcherize for the first time, remembering that we are just jumping to an "all records" retrieval request.

You should see ALL rows of data entered - ordered by VOTES

refining the query in the results.php page in Dreamweaver now we refine the query - edit your results.php file, remembering that the form POSTs the search term to a variable called "keyword" in the HTTP_POST_VARS memory on Gigantor. When next you use your searcherizOr, you should be able to search on the nominated term.
add a link to the site-add feature Now edit your index.htm and add a link to the addlink.htm page
make a data collection form

create the addlink.htm page with a form named adddata, put in a table and ensure there are labelled textfields for

newurl, newsitename, newcategory, newwhoadded, newdescription

but NOT for urlid, dateadded or votes (why?)

add a submit button, labelled "add my site"

have it's action POST and the target file addit.php

add a command processor and re-director

compose a file called addit.php that performs an INSERTINTO your urlbank table and then re-directs back to the searcherizOr

... you know you want to :P



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