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Program Statements

An Introduction

Statements - General

A statement in Pascal is an action that is self contained. It may by a single action (i.e. blow_up_a_balloon) or a compound action

  (i.e. begin

Pascal statements are SEPARATED BY semi-colons (;)

Compound Statements are enclosed in a begin...end pair (this acts like a set of 'brackets' to distinguish parts of the compound action from the surrounding code.

Wherever a statement is legal, a compound statement is legal also (so long as a begin..end is in place)

Every 'commercial programming language' must allow:

  • Sequence - tasks done in known (pre-determined) order
  • Selection - ability to branch logically based on decisions
  • Iteration - repeating things

Languages might also offer

  • Procedures and Functions - modularization of tasks into re-usable objects
  • Recursion - code that calls itself

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