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Database Design eXercises #1

Introduction to Information Science

(a)	Instruction
(b)	Query
(c)	Stipulation
(d)	Proposition
(e)	Stipulation
(f)	a pair of Propositions (ie. not atomic in current form)
(g)	a negated Proposition - how would we store the fact that he DOESN'T stuy graphics?
(h)	Proposition

2. These are merely exercises in PREFIX notation sentences
(a)	lives in (Person firstname 'Fred', Suburb suburbname 'Springwood')
(b)	is suburb of(Suburb burbname 'Goodna', City cityname 'Briso')
(c)	is citizen of (Person firstname 'Mavis', Country countryname 'oz')
(d)	wrote(Person fullname 'Douglas Adams', Book title 'The Meaning of Liff')
	wrote(Person fullname 'Douglas Adams', Book title 'The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy')
(e)	played(Actor fullname 'Bill Shatner', Character charactername 'James Tiberius Kirk')
	had rank(Character charactername 'James Tiberius Kirk', Rank rankname 'Captain)
(f)	has brother of(Person firstname 'Fred', Person firstname 'Lucy')








(a) Accepted
(b) Rejected C1: every person has exactly one age - 'Sally' doesn't
(c) Accepted
(d) Accepted
(e) Accepted
(f) Rejected C1: Every person has Exactly one age, Rejected Unknown fact type
(g) Accepted
(h) Rejected C3: to drive, you have to OWN the car and be 17 or older
(i) Rejected, C2: a person is allowed to own only one car
(j) Rejected C0: no repeat facts are stored
(k) Accepted
(l) Accepted
(m) Rejected C3: to drive a car, you must own it
(n) 17
(o) Chris drives a Ferrari
(p) Sally owns a Ferrari
(q) a car? (this is a weird question now that I look back)

(a) Accepted
(b) Rejected C1: every student is enrolled in exactly one course - sam isn't
(c) Accepted
(d) Rejected C1: every student is enrolled in exactly one course - sue isn't
(e) Accepted
(f) Accepted
(g) rejectee C1: each person has exactly one course - sarah already is enrolled in Science
(h) Deferred
(i) Accepted
(j) Accepted
(k) Accepted
(l) Rejected - disallowed transition
(m) Rejected - disallowed transition
(n) Active, Deferred, Suspended, Graduated
(o) Accepted
(p) 2
(q) Fred 

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