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Artificial Intelligence

eXercise #4

Induction and Heuristics

Exercises - Induction and Heuristics

  1. How would you solve the following problem:

    A team of mountain climbers equipped with only an altimeter and compass find themselves in heavy fog on the side of a mountain - what would the optimal strategy for reaching the summit?

  2. Experiment with the following PROLOG program:
    	/*  an exercise in selective linear induction */
    	/*  by P. R. Whitehouse                        */
    	/*  after Patterson 1990		       */
    		floor= symbol
    		chair= symbol
    		bananas= symbol
    		monkey= symbol
    		can_reach(symbol,symbol)	/*X can reach Y */
    		is_dextrous(symbol)	/* X is a dextrous animal */
    		is_close(symbol,symbol)	/* X is close to Y */
    		can_get_on(symbol,symbol)	/* X can get on Y */
    		is_under(symbol,symbol)	/* X is under Y */
    		is_tall(symbol)	/* X is tall */
    		is_in_room(symbol)	/* X is in the room */
    		can_move(symbol,symbol,symbol)	/* X canmove Y near Z */
    		can_climb_on(symbol,symbol)	/* X can climb onto Y */
    		is_in_room(bananas).	/* bananas are in the room*/
    		is_in_room(chair).	/* a chair is in the room*/
    		is_in_room(monkey).	/* a monkey is in the room*/
    		is_dextrous(monkey).	/* a monkey is dextrous*/
    		is_tall(chair).	/* the chair is tall*/
    		can_move(monkey,chair,bananas).	/* the monkey can move the chair towards the bananas*/
    		can_climb_on(monkey,chair).	/*monkey can climb on the chair*/
    		can_reach(X,Y) if is_dextrous(X) and is_close(X,Y).
    		is_close(X,Z) if can_get_on(X,Y) and is_under(Y,Z) and is_tall(Y).
    		can_get_on(X,Y) if can_climb(X,Y).
    		is_under(Y,Z) if is_in_room(X) and is_in_room(Y) and is_in_room(Z) and can_move(X,Y,Z).

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