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eXercise #22½

Further Miscellaneous Visual Projects
for revision

  1. Rock-Paper-Scissors has been used as a method for deciding things for ages.

    In this project, you should construct a form as follows:
    Rock, Paper and Scissors
    run | rock.jpg | paper.jpg | scissors.jpg

    There are 5 IMAGE containers on this form - the top 2 should be EMPTY at design time, there are also 2 buttons (obligatory DONE button and a PLAY button that does all the work).

    Each press of the PLAY button should randmly place an image into the PLAYER1 and PLAYER2 image containers.

    Experts should also include logic that announces in some NON INTRUSIVE way who won the bout.

  2. terraBINGO
    Students run a BINGO game as a fundraiser and need an app to randomly draw numbers between 1 and 75. Below is a possible interface for that situation:
    run | panic

    This application makes use of a PANEL component (the black number display area), 3 buttons and a single label.

    Running the application, you will notice that EACH NUMBER IS DRAWN ONCE (ie. there are NO repeat numbers in a game). One way to achieve this is a set of byte. Notice, for checking purposes that the list of numbers chosen is also displayed. Build this application.

  3. HiCard
    Draw 2 cards from the a pack of cards - the highest one wins.
    heart.wmf | diamond.wmf | spade.wmf | club.wmf

    see how you go.

    HA/VHA's will work out how to use a SET as a pack of cards, what strategy will you use?

    Can you display the cards that HAVE been drawn as showm at the bottom of the form?

  4. Random Word Association
    Define a project such that it generates sentences with random VERB and NOUNs stored.

    To do this, firstly define an array of 10 strings to store 10 "DOING" words - these are the verbs. Then create an array of 10 NOUNS and using some process, generate a sentence including random verb and noun:

    the CAT SAT on the MAT (where CAT and MAT are NOUNS and SAT is the verb).

    Noughts and crosses
    run | panic
    Noughts and crosses is a 2 player, alternating game. Here the game is achieved using panels - how would you design the interface to make it obvious to play?

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