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Database Design

eXercise #3

Uniqueness Constraints

  1. Referring to the following collection of Conceptual Schema Diagram fragments:
    some schema fragments
    Draw in your book those fragments that are INCORRECTLY FORMED, and indicate along with your diagram the reason why.

  2. For each of the examples in the previous exercise set, draw Conceptual Schema fragments along with appropriate uniqueness constraints. Ensure your entities are well identified and you include meaningful roles.

  3. Referring to the following information recorder about a patient in a hospital:
    patient record
    Extract elementary sentences and draw a representative Conceptual schema complete with uniqueness constraints.

  4. Given the following extract of someones Resume:
    Form a conceptual schema complete with uniqueness constraints. Clearly identify any assumptions you needed to make in the transformation.

  5. Referring to the following exerpts from a local TV Guide:
    tv guide exerpt

    1. Write Elementary Sentences for this Universe, taking care to clearly identify ALL entities and using meaningful role definitions

    2. Draw a Conceptual Schema Diagram complete with Uniqueness Constraints.


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