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Database Languages

eXercise #11 - Part B

Table Design - By Error and Trial

PART2: Some Extra SOCK Information

Firstly, identify all of the ASSUMPTIONS you have made about the data you have already accommodated in your table system.

What problems have you encountered, are you happy with your solutions to them?

Have you placed any unreasonable restrictions on the information contained, have you had to leave any information out? Have you included any redundancy (i.e. information that could easily be derived, and therefore does not need to be stored)?

Given that you have decided to use your table system read the following information carefully:

The factory, as previously described manufactures more than socks. The BVD company manufactures a full range of male and female undergarments (including underpants, singlets, bras, girdles, stockings, pantyhose etc.) that are made of similar blends (but not wool) as are the socks (eg. cotton, nylon, poly-cotton) as well as silk, have a range of sizes to suit any body and sex, come in many colours, and, like the socks are manufactured in batches.

What modification to your table structure will you need to make to allow for the extra information described above? How will your system now refer to a garment of clothing (ie what unique fields are to be used to differentiate a particular type of sock, for example, from a pair of orthapaedic boxer shorts) ?

Suppose the owner of the factory also needs to keep track of what products (quantities, sizes, colors and full type description) are sold to which Retailer. This is because, regrettably, the quality control at the factory is not what it used to be. For example, just last year, one of BVD's firm control bras (due to the orientation of the underwires in conjunction with the polarity of the metal clasps at the back) caused an electrical interferance which allowed the wearer to receive FM transmission and the entire batch had to be RECALLED. (later they were resold - at a huge profit, to a Japanese retailer who were excited by the prospect of innovative electronic underwear).

What modification to your table structure is necessary to accommodate this new twist in the continuing story ?

What is moral to this story (ie. why did we embark on this exercise)?

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