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In an effort to standardise the user interface of this system, templates have been used extensively for all but the actual article text.

A TEMPLATE is available for you to use to place the ABSTRACT of your article, along with the options for access you would like to offer. Use SAVE AS to copy the template file to your diskdrive. Most of the IMAGE TAGS have been pre-placed for you, and are designed to work from the directory that will be created for your article when we recieve it.

Should you choose to MARK-UP your entire article in HTML, please use the ABSTRACT TEMPLATE for your abstract, then whatever format you choose for the ARTICLE BODY

If you can not mark up your article (for whatever reason), then prior to submitting it for inclusion in this archive, please ensure that each of your illustrations are saved separately (in GIF format if possible) to allow us to mark it up for you. Ensure that your ABSTRACT is a SEPARATE FILE also.

It is the intention that older articles will be presented in their original format (due to lack of time to convert them fully), along with an HTML abstract. New additions to this archive, however, should ideally be presented in DUAL FORMAT (ie. in HTML and ORIGINAL).

We would prefer articles submitted in MS WORD format please.

Articles for inclusion can be e-mailed as an attachment,or snail-mailed on disk.

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