There are lots of ways to get to quality Origami models on the web – here are a few I have found so far (in no particular order):

There are many more, hundreds of video tutorials on Youtube also.

Have you got a suggestion?

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  1. Hi I’m Scott and I’m starting into origami. I want to work up to your level, but so far all the folding I have done has not been super complicated. I’ve read a few articles on different paper and MC and they still scare and confuse me. Is there any webpages or books or models you would recommend for me?

    1. There are LOTS of folders that hare their techniques – try Sara Adams “Happy Folding” and Leyla Torres “Origami Spirit” as great starting points, also Kade Chan and Tadashi Mori are fantastic Youtube folders with a vast array of models and techniques. Everyone starts as a noob, practice is needed. I do not blog the disasters – they outnumber the successes more often than not

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