571: (21/365) OMG!!!!

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Needless to say the media is abuzz with reactions to Trump’s inauguration. Let us hope that the he does not become the “Bane” of their existence (even though part of his speech was plagiarised from the Marvel Universes’ fictitious tyrant presidential coup, I am sure this is merely coincidence):

One has to have hope in the power of intellect, value of human dignity, common sense and sane application of spray tanning solutions. Read more…

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570: (20/365) Trump Salute

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In the United States of America on this day they are inaugurating their 45th president – one Donald Trump:

I _want_ to congratulate him and his party on a campaign well fought, policies well considered and popular vote being a landslide but sadly none of these seems true from where I sit.

Scottish Herald Television guide entry for the upcoming inauguration

Looking for a model to express how I feel about the incoming, from my ivory tower over here on the opposite side of a planet suddenly not big enough to place me a safe distance from him, I came across “flipping the bird” by Paulius Mielinis. Whilst only a crease pattern (CP), I could sort of see the parts of the model in among the creases. It took a little wrangling to work out how to collapse and hide unwanted paper, make the digits clean enough to be recognisable. Read more…

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569: (19/365) Japanese Macaque

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Emergent behaviour is fascinating, apparently where these Japanese Macaque monkeys live gets snowy in winter, they have learned that sitting in thermal pools near bathhouses (Onsen) is one way of staving off the cold:

This is Fumiaki Kawahata’s Japanese Macaque – a model I had intended to fold ages ago because it was in a Tanteidan I had shelved.  Read more…

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568: (18/365) TRex

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Working in the same school for 28 years makes me feel a little like a dinosaur at times:

This is Jo Nakashima’s TRex – a lovely little cartoony Trex that is fun to fold and simple enough to do with smaller coloured squares. I followed along with the video tutorial on Jo’s Youtube channel. Read more…

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567: (17/365) Jo Nakashima’s Penguin

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Returning to work, we balance between the stinking hot outside temperature and the painfully cold airconditioning (yes, I know this sounds like a first world problem, and it is), but I decided to fold a critter that has evolved to put up with intolerable temperatures:

This is Jo Nakashima’s Penguin, a lovely little model with a blocky, cartoony feel to it. Read more…

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566: (16/365) Dave Stephenson’s Tiny Turtle

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Over the holiday break I have taken up swimming laps again. The aim was to be a little bit fitter and a little less fatter – it is sort of working. Naturally I wanted to choose a model for my last day swimming that itself swam, and a turtle/tortoise (who knows what the difference is) seemed to fit the bill:

This lovely little model is deceptively simple. Using a surprisingly small number of folds, a lovely sea turtle emerges from a waterbomb base. This photo reminds us that the fate of all wildlife is in our hands. We dwarf the natural world based on our effect on it. Read more…

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565: (15/365) Golden Carp

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Leafing through “Folding Australia 2016”, the Sydney Origami Society Convention book (in which I have a model published :)) I came across a cute little carp designed by Mindaugas Cesnavicius:

An ingenious design based on the pony base that teases lovely eyes and mouth, fins and a tail while managing the colour changes beautifully. Read more…

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564: (14/365) Francesco Guarnieri’s Stella Garland

Posted by wonko on January 14, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry |

I was casually puddling around in origami blogs, as you do, and came across the one page diagram of this little charmer and decided to give it a whirl:

8 pages, sort of a spectrum, combine in a whirl not unlike the leaf garland popular in Roman times however the locking mechanism leaves a small hole in the middle rendering it unwearable.

I could imagine folding these in red/green/gold/silver, pimped out with baubles and glitter (in a craft project from hell) that would make a lovely seasonal wreath – something to consider I guess. Read more…

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563: (13/365) Jacky Chan’s Little Chinese Mammon

Posted by wonko on January 13, 2017 in 365-2017, humanoid |

Paper dolls are big in Chinese and Japanese culture, this little charmer is a two-piece model from Jacky Chan:

Head and body are folded separately from the same size bits of paper and then the head neatly slots into the shoulders of the body.

When folding this I started with the head and was convinced that the body square would never be big enough to make something that worked with the head but it worked out fine.

Lovely traditional headdress, robes, proportions and self-standing. Happy with this first fold, I can see how you would pose this little guy in other positions, bling it up with fans and walking stick etc.

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562: (12/365) Dee’s Thistle

Posted by wonko on January 12, 2017 in 365-2017, flower |

So I was on the phone to my mum, as you do, and she asked if I could make Scotch Thistles out of origami:

Read more…

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