496: Sigmund the Ryujin

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On March 21, 2014, I began a quest to learn how to fold Satoshi Kamiya’s “Ryu Jin 3.5″, and was lucky enough to be accepted as a pupil of Mr Daniel Brown (MrOrigami).496SigmundRyu

Daniel sent me a lesson, I had to perform the illustrated tasks and photo my evidence back to him before he sent me the next lesson. The process has been fascinating, frustrating, amazing, annoying, hard, humbling, wild and wonderful.496SigmundRyuViews

A year on, I have managed to integrate all the component lessons into the one sheet (well, 2 halves joined at a seam inside) to arrive at this amazing model. It has yet to be fine-shaped – a task that will have to wait until marking and an extended holiday are over, but at least I know that all the creases are now in place, the bits are all where they should be and the beast is something I am unbearably proud of.NorthMeetsSouth

It has not been plain sailing. I unsuccessfully attempted most aspects of this model many times before the heavens aligned and it coalesced correctly. All too often I panicked when I did not understand something, only to calm down, concentrate and try again. Many times I doubted my ability only to be rewarded with something beyond that which I thought I was capable of. A strange kind of “receding horizons” effect came into play where something I previously thought impossible became routine and the next thing was the impossible thing.

The final model was folded on and off over a period of 11 weeks. It used Kraft paper (I think too thick for the job, but it was all I could find that was large enough), contains a mind-numbing level of detail both externally (visible) and internally (structural). I cannot understand how someone could design such a wonderful thing and work out all the transition folding necessary to integrate such complex components into the one plane.496SigmundRyuBW

I probably will never fold this again. Achieving it once is it’s own reward. It is now a treasured bit of ephemera, and I will take steps to preserve it as best I can. Looking at it I can remember every part of the fold, but cannot accept nor believe it was me that folded it. Yet.

This is the final part of this development story – Parts 1, 2, and 3 are located elsewhere in this blog. If you are interested in the journey to this point, explore there. If you have been interested enough to follow along, I thank you. I hope your journey has been even a tiny bit as fascinating as mine has.

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595: Twirly Bird

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I was asked if I could make a flock of birds designed to be attached to fishing line on the end of poles that seem to fly:496TwirlyBirdPrototype

I remember a “seagull” by Toyoaki Kawai, in an old book I had so based a fold around that basic form.495TwirlyBirdCanson

Working with large format card (hand made Mulberry and Canson), wet-folding, the shape incorporates a wire wing armature (for strength and pose-ablity).495TwirlyBirdWetFold

I found the most rigid/best finish was wet-folded with a little MC in the wet, dried flat and then bend into bird shapes.495TwirlyBirdFinished

This is the last of my “school musical” folding before I go on Long Service Leave” so hope they “break a leg” and it all goes well.

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495: Soma Cube

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I can remember a block puzzle my maths teacher introduced to me, the “soma” puzzle was a lot like 3D Tetris.495SomaDev

There are 7 puzzle pieces, all variations of stacked cube clusters that fit together into a 3×3 cube when put together right.495Soma1

A fab fold, a simple series of box pleat collapses and a variety of techniques make these fairly robust puzzle pieces.495Soma2

I found a couple of ways to put them together, my students found many more, but Wikipedia says there are over 100 ways – wow.


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Something Fishy

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I was approached about the possibility of making some props for this year’s Middle School Musical, naturally I turned to Origami for Inspiration:OneFish

Project 1: a school of tropical fish. I remembered a lovely catfish/Koi designed by Davor Vinko.TwoFish

With some variation necessary for the large format, heavy 230gsm Canson card, I am very happy with the character of these fishies.TenFish

I think some are being hung on line, others top sticks but they are sturdy and colourful – big enough actually to be worn as hats. I almost regret giving them away.

Next project is a flock of twirly birds…

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iPad test

Posted by wonko on March 14, 2015 in blarg |

This post tests the new editor on my iPad

Seems to work well


494: Wolfram|Alpha Logo

Posted by wonko on March 5, 2015 in geometry |

I have a low tolerance of boredom, so slack time between busy times at work required me to keep my fingers busy:494Wolfram

This is an interesting module, made up of useful units – tiles of joined equilateral triangles with solid pockets and tabs.494WolframUnit

They lock together positively into interesting shapes. Clusters of 5 were used here, each joined twice to each adjoining cluster of 5 to make a rather lovely spikey ball.


This is actually (if I folded it in all red) the Wolfram|Alpha logo. You too can fold this, go here to learn how.494WolframScale

A sturdy little ball that is kept together with paper tension – the designer is on the Wolfram|Alpha team and has done a great job. I realised (too late) that folding it this small made it VERY fiddly – the construction was painful as the tabs/pockets were so small. All in all I am happy with the result.

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Live Long and Prosper

Posted by wonko on February 28, 2015 in blarg, scifi |

This morning I was greeted with the sad news that actor Leonard Nimoy had passed away. Our universe is a little dimmer, missing a bright and shining star. “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it”:


A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

— Leonard Nimoy (@TheRealNimoy) February 23, 2015

Leonard Nimoy did for television and movie what few others have achieved: he demonstrated through his “Spock” character portrayal that a loyal, honest, ethical, objective, calm, logical, thoughtful, respected male alien could be an invaluable colleague and life-long friend. We can all learn from this – he challenges all males to do better.

I have been, and always will be a fan of that “green-blooded devil” and all that he stood for.

You too can fold a tribute – go here

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493: FuseBall

Posted by wonko on February 7, 2015 in blarg, geometry |

They say “many hands make light work” and they (whoever “they” are) are quite correct:493FuseBallManyHands

My pastoral care group (the Mighty Magee F) and I folded Tomoko Fuse’s Icosahedron Kasudama, as part of a “getting to know you” exercise to start off the year, with the theme “the sum of the parts is greater than the individual”. Read more…

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492: Money Spider

Posted by wonko on February 2, 2015 in creepy crawly |

People keep giving me foreign and local paper currency. A work colleague gave me a pair of battered US1 dollar notes and asked if I could do anything with them. I had heard (old wives tale perhaps) that it was unlucky to kill a money spider. These little critters apparently bring financial good luck.492MoneySpiderScale

I figured MAKING a money spider should be lucky, so set about to find one. Won Park, in his book “Extreme Origami” has a rather lovely spider fold that requires 2xUSD$1 notes, so I thought I would give it a try. Read more…

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491: Black Sheep

Posted by wonko on January 5, 2015 in animal, geometry, mammal, nature |

On February 15, Chinese New Year kicks off – 2015 is the year of the Goat, but a sheepie is close, right? I thought I would take a preemptive strike given that I am sure to be really busy at work by then.491BlackSheep

The latest Tanteidan magazine features diagrams for Beth Johnson‘s Sheep – a lovely 2 part model and I was itching to give it a go. Read more…

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490: Shake, Rover, Shake

Posted by wonko on January 4, 2015 in scifi, vehicle |

I have been a fan of Star Trek since it was possible to be so, love the franchise, movies, series, the lot. I saw a diagram that resulted in an ATAT (All-Terrain Armoured Transport) – one of many fairly silly designs from The Babylon 5 universe, and with some shaming from a friend (thanks Dodes) I decided to give it a whirl.490ATAT

If you were making a vehicle for battle, the last thing on the design bench (apart from a 2 legged chicken-like bipedal mobile gun turret) would be a quadruped.

Any Browncoat worth his part of the ‘verse would be able to ride their Viper Mark II with cables attached, tangle the legs and bring the thing down, like a heavy, falley-downey thing.490ATATScale

Read more…

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489: Happy New Year!

Posted by wonko on December 31, 2014 in geometry, seasonal |

As 2014 rolls to a close, we welcome the new year:


These are digits designed by Andrey Lukyanov, as demonstrated via videos by the talented Sara Adams – check them out.

Happy New Year!

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