499: Kato’s Titan Beetle

Posted by wonko on July 19, 2015 in creepy crawly |

I was itching to do a technical fold, and realised I had folded few from the “Bugwars” book I bought for Xmas, so thought “why not”:499TitanBeetle

This fold has taken an age. I must admit that initially I had passed this over because it looked too fiddly, the CP alone was terrifying. Read more…

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Copper Dragon

Posted by wonko on July 9, 2015 in blarg, dinosaur, fantasy, paper |

As you may have guessed from subsequent posts, I have been learning to fold Satoshi Kamiya’s Ryujin 3.5:copperDragon

After a year of lessons, learning bits of the model and patiently/painstakingly working on each of the elements of the design, I managed to combine all onto one model. Read more…

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498: Koh’s Rabbit

Posted by wonko on July 6, 2015 in animal, mammal, nature |

Every so often a model emerges that has such a naturalistic form that so perfectly represents the subject. This lovely rabbit, designed by Ronald Koh is one such “must fold” figure:498Kohrabbit

This lovely model is a dense fold (the hind quarters are necessary layer-dense to form the necessary flaps for the head), so thin paper is best – I failed on a 14.5cm square of coarse hand-made paper – it was too thick and my fat clumsy fingers could not tease the details but 20cm+ squares of most papers should be fine. Read more…

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Totoro Kit

Posted by wonko on June 28, 2015 in fantasy, wtf |

Sensei Cassidy was lurking, she did not want to impose, but she was carrying some origami-related paraphernalia and … well … origami:TotoroDev

She had this kit, based on Totoro (apparently a cult Anime film/ character/ universe/ thing), with some pre-printed paper and instruction sheet on how to assemble.

Initially I thought it wold be a cut/glue exercise, so smiled politely and said I would give it a whirl when reporting was done. On further investigation to my relief it was folding only, and some odd stuff as well.Totoro

The large character is Totoro, apparently, then there are 2 smaller characters of a similar shape, and then, for no explicable reason, a bus that is a cat (well, a catbus) – which apparently makes complete sense. Read more…

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Posted by wonko on June 14, 2015 in blarg |

This post only serves to test a new plugin from wordpress – WP to TWITTER

It supposed to autotweet an announcement of a new post – seems to work a treat.

Soz for the spam, will purge


497: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Posted by wonko on June 2, 2015 in dinosaur |

I have been on holiday, 6 weeks is a long time between folds but I thought I would ease back into it with a simple model … then I saw Fumiaki Kawahata’s TRex and thought “screw it”:497RexView

Waiting in my kept mail was the last Tanteidan of the previous subscription, thie little beauty on the cover and I thought – how hard can this be? Read more…

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496: Satoshi Kamiya’s Ryujin 3.5

Posted by wonko on March 24, 2015 in dinosaur, fantasy |

On March 21, 2014, I began a quest to learn how to fold Satoshi Kamiya’s “Ryujin 3.5″, and was lucky enough to be accepted as a pupil of Mr Daniel Brown (MrOrigami).496SigmundRyu

Daniel sent me a lesson, I had to perform the illustrated tasks and photo my evidence back to him before he sent me the next lesson. The process has been fascinating, frustrating, amazing, annoying, hard, humbling, wild and wonderful.496SigmundRyuViews

A year on, I have managed to integrate all the component lessons into the one sheet (well, 2 halves joined at a seam inside) to arrive at this amazing model. It has yet to be fine-shaped – a task that will have to wait until marking and an extended holiday are over, but at least I know that all the creases are now in place, the bits are all where they should be and the beast is something I am unbearably proud of. Read more…

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595: Twirly Bird

Posted by wonko on March 24, 2015 in bird, paper |

I was asked if I could make a flock of birds designed to be attached to fishing line on the end of poles that seem to fly:496TwirlyBirdPrototype

I remember a “seagull” by Toyoaki Kawai, in an old book I had so based a fold around that basic form. Read more…

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495: Soma Cube

Posted by wonko on March 20, 2015 in boxes, geometry |

I can remember a block puzzle my maths teacher introduced to me, the “soma” puzzle was a lot like 3D Tetris.495SomaDev

There are 7 puzzle pieces, all variations of stacked cube clusters that fit together into a 3×3 cube when put together right.495Soma1

A fab fold, a simple series of box pleat collapses and a variety of techniques make these fairly robust puzzle pieces. Read more…

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Something Fishy

Posted by wonko on March 18, 2015 in fish |

I was approached about the possibility of making some props for this year’s Middle School Musical, naturally I turned to Origami for Inspiration:OneFish

Project 1: a school of tropical fish. I remembered a lovely catfish/Koi designed by Davor Vinko. Read more…

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iPad test

Posted by wonko on March 14, 2015 in blarg |

This post tests the new editor on my iPad

Seems to work well


494: Wolfram|Alpha Logo

Posted by wonko on March 5, 2015 in geometry |

I have a low tolerance of boredom, so slack time between busy times at work required me to keep my fingers busy:494Wolfram

This is an interesting module, made up of useful units – tiles of joined equilateral triangles with solid pockets and tabs. Read more…

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