692: (142/365) Wu’s Modular Chess Board

Posted by wonko on May 22, 2017 in 365-2017, domestic, geometry |

Looking around for a chess board in origami was fun, there seem to be a few out there, including a few that use only 1 sheet of paper and a million creases to perform the necessary colour changes for the squares:

I discovered I could not source paper large enough to make a playable chess board, so looked for alternatives and stumbled across Joseph Wu’s modular chessboard. Read more…

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691: (141/365) Max Hulme’s Chess King

Posted by wonko on May 21, 2017 in 365-2017, humanoid |

Head of the house, monarch to be protected, fragile and nearly the least mobile, such is a Chess King:

I like this model, the crown is cute, as is his beard and robes – hiding the round figure of a largely sedentary piece.  Read more…

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690: (140/365) Max Hulme’s Chess Queen

Posted by wonko on May 20, 2017 in 365-2017, humanoid |

Behind every good man there is often an even better woman:

The Queen in chess is a valuable piece, being the master of all skills, often the most deadly of opponents. Read more…

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689: (139/365) Max Hulme’s Chess Knight

Posted by wonko on May 19, 2017 in 365-2017, humanoid |

…so, in a conventional chess set, the knight is a horsey, but in this chess set the Knight is the rider:

Not sure I am really happy with this, difficult to tell with this thick paper, but the head shaping is clumsy because of the layers. Read more…

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688: (138/365) Max Hulme’s Chess Bishop

Posted by wonko on May 18, 2017 in 365-2017, humanoid |

Integral to the war effort, the church remains a dangerous player on the board:

This is Max Hulme’s “Bishop” – a lovely little Pontif-ish chap that is missing his golden hook and holy relic. Read more…

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687: (137/365) Max Hulme’s Chess Rook

Posted by wonko on May 17, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry |

Many battles need castles, chess is no exception:

This is Max Hulme’s Castle, one of the few in his series folded from a square and fairly recognisable at a turret. Read more…

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686: (136/365) Max Hulme’s Chess Pawn

Posted by wonko on May 16, 2017 in 365-2017, fantasy, humanoid |

The next few posts will follow a theme, playing with the idea of a classic game, this is the infantry – the cannon fodder, there are lots of these to throw at the enemy:

Max Hulme has designed all of the pieces for a paper chess game, seems wrong to split them up. Folded from a 12×3 proportioned rectangle, a little grimacing face under  helmet emerges, then arms, finally the body. Read more…

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685: (135/365) Bug

Posted by wonko on May 15, 2017 in 365-2017, creepy crawly |

Old-school origami can still be fun, and this model is no exception:

Eduardo Clemente’s book “Papiroflexia” contains a plethora of old-style 60’s origami, before the boxpleating, tree-maker days. Read more…

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684: (134/365) Wise Owl

Posted by wonko on May 14, 2017 in 365-2017, bird |

Cruising Fakebook, as you do, it is often that you stumble across interesting folds (well, in my circle of friends it is):

This is “Owl” by Angel Jacobo Figueroa Arriola. I spotted it as a photodiagram sequence in one of his galleries. Read more…

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“Beyond The Folded Edge” – by Jonathan Baxter

Posted by wonko on May 14, 2017 in blarg, geometry |

It is rare, in Brisbane, to get to see Origami displayed at all, let alone an exhibition by an accomplished folder such as Jonathan Baxter:

His display at the Richard Randall Art Studio, Mt Coo-tha Botanical gardens was a rare treat.

His folding displays showcased numerous forms of origami including delicate unit work  like intricate spheres and torus from “Phiz” units, garlands of interlocking cubes and many variations. Read more…

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