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Computer Systems

eXercise #1

Number Systems

  1. Perform the following conversions back into DECIMAL (Base 10)
    1. 101011101001 BINARY
    2. 100101010011 BINARY
    3. 2EC HEX
    4. 3B0D1 HEX

  2. Complete the following conversions from DECIMAL to the base nominated
    1. 414 DECIMAL to BINARY
    2. 7308 DECIMAL to HEX
    3. 255 DECIMAL to BINARY
    4. 3245 DECIMAL to HEX

  3. A number system used infrequently on 8-bit computers was called OCTAL (or Base 8)
    1. What were the symbols used for representing OCTAL quantities?
    2. What is the largest value allowable in each column of an OCTAL system?
    3. What is 5349 DECIMAL expressed in OCTAL?
    4. Is there a 'simple' conversion for BINARY to OCTAL, and OCTAL to HEXADECIMAL

  4. How many BITS would be necessary to store the following:
    1. the DAY NUMBER in any given month
    2. the AGE in years of a person
    3. the state of a light switch
    4. the house and tutor group number taken together (eg. W4, T3)


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