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Systems Engineering

= Hardware + Software

SSE Topics: Hardware - Delphi - Gamemaker

  • link Related Resources - Links to other people's pages covering related content - suggestions welcome.
  • link Representation - Number systems, information basics, data representation (characters, numbers) and representational problems
  • link Memory - Primary memory structure, segmented memory addressing bit manipulation, byte manipulation of ports, CPU operation
  • link Architectures - Von Neumann architectures, non-Von Neumann, data communication, protocols and media
  • link Peripherals - Keyboard, PC Operation, Secondary Storage (floppy and Hard Disks)
  • link Graphics and Sound - Raster and vector displays, bitmaps, metafiles, resolution, colour,
  • link Networks and Systems - Servers, Networks, Peers and Standalones
  • link Operating Systems - DOS, UNIX, WinNT, Operating System structure, function, commands (internal and external), Batch files, system files (autoexec.bat and config.sys)
  • link Operating Environments - Windows 3.11 and Win95 orientation, terminology and functionality.

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