IPT - A Virtual Approach IPT A Virtual Approach by Peter Whitehouse
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Computer Systems

eXercise #5

Architectures and Data Communication

  1. Regarding the INFORMATION BOTTLENECK found with most Von-Neumann based systems:
    1. Explain what causes the bottleneck
    2. Outline 3 possible things thaat could help alleviate the problem
    3. Why would it not be common for all devices to be connected directly to all other devices inside a computer?

  2. Using a diagram, outline the differences between PARALLEL and SERIAL communication

  3. Outline the different roles played by the DATABUS and the CONTROLBUS

    1. List as many components of a simple protocol as you can
    2. Comment on the consequences of two communicating parties failing to match protocols
    3. Outline the PARITY error detection scheme, including how it is used along with any shortcomings the scheme has inherent in it.

  5. Suppose a modem transmits using the following: 14.4Kbps, 8data, no parity, 1 start, 3 stop, 2 rest.
    1. If the modem transmits for exactly 10 seconds, how many characters have been sent (MAXIMUM)?
    2. How long would it send (MINIMUM) to sent a 1Mb Text File?
    3. What factors can effect the data tramsmission rate?

  6. If the following byte stream was received under ODD PARITY:
    1101 0011 1010 1011 1111 0111 0111 1111
    1. Did the transmission proceed without error?
    2. Is there any way to be sure?

  7. Suppose we wish to send the following Packet of 3 bytes:
          65   42    8
    1. Calculate the 2 Checksum Bytes that would also be sent
    2. Suppose your packet arrived safely, SHOW that it arrived safely by verifying the checksum

  8. For each of the following transmission requirements, select a communications medium that would be the CHEAPEST for the job:
    1. Voice link only
    2. 2 way full motion video conferencing
    3. ATM transactions
    4. For each of 1..3 comment on the INTEGRITY requirements

  9. When deciding how to represent digital data on analogue wires, 1's and 0's were encoded as different relative voltages. Why was a value other than 0 volts chosen to represent a zero?


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