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Computer Systems

eXercise #6

Monitors and Display

  1. Explain how the computer is able to distinguish between the keypresses "d" and "D"

  2. Regarding the operation of a FIFO structure:
    1. Using an example from the 'real world' describe the action of a FIFO structure, and suggest why it is appropriate as the Keyboard Buffer
    2. How does the FIFO structure differ from a LIFO structure, and why is the latter inappropriate as a Keyboard Buffer?

  3. Of the presented VIDEO standards, it is said that MONOCHROME adapters present better text - why is this so?

  4. Suppose we were designing a Video Subsystem, capable of 1280x1024 resolution, 32K colours (16 bits per pixel = 4 bits per colour + 4 bits for intensity).
    1. Calculate the memory requirements for a single full screen, full colour image.
    2. Suppose we wanted to stream full colour, full resolution video to this monitor at 50 Frames per second. How much storage space (UNCOMPRESSED) would this clip take up?
    3. Would we be using RASTER or VECTOR display to show the video?

  5. Complete the following colour 'sums' using the ADDITIVE Spectra
    1. RED + GREEN
    2. GREEN + BLUE
    3. BLUE + RED
    4. CYAN + RED
    6. YELLOW + BLUE

  6. Decode the following TEXT CELLS
    1. 00,99,BD,FF,BD,99,00,00 hex
    2. 1F,04,74,84,84,B4,90,90 hex
    3. Design your own text cell (8x8 pixels) and invent your own 'recipe' for that character

  7. Suppose you were advising a friend on what 'accessories' to add to his/her new 'bare bones' computer.
    1. List 10 components (either input, output or storage) you would suggest IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE (assume price is not an issue)
    2. For the TOP 5 components, describe IN PLAIN ENGLISH why they would be an advantage - AVOID technobabble, merely present the facts.

  8. Suppose a Flatbed scanner captures images in FULL COLOUR (ie. 24 bits/pixel). Suggest the dimensions (in PIXELS) of the LARGEST 'squarish' image we could scan such that it would still fit on a 1.44Mb Floppy Disk. (Hint: pick a width and then calculate a corresponding height)


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