IPT - A Virtual Approach IPT A Virtual Approach by Peter Whitehouse
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Computer Systems

eXercise #9

Mastering the GUI


  1. Open up the Accessories Window, Launch CALCULATOR, change the VIEW to SCIENTIFIC and perform some Binary-Hex calculations - leave an answer on the CALCULATOR. Minimise CALCULATOR.

  2. Open WRITE, type a few words, then reopen the Minimised CALCULATOR. In CALCULATOR, select EDIT, COPY to take a copy of what is displayed and place it on the CLIPBOARD (a temporary storage area), then go back to WRITE (use ALT+TAB to toggle through open applications until you get to WRITE, then release the keys). In WRITE, Select EDIT PASTE to copy the clipboard contents to your document.

  3. Open the GAMES group, launch SOLATAIRE, play for a minute (dragging and dropping cards). Using ALT+TAB Switch back to WRITE and write a sentence about what you were doing. Close SOLATAIRE by using the CONTROL MENU for it's window.

  4. Maximise WRITE, then switch to CALCULATOR (using ALT+TAB), close CALCULATOR and then close WRITE (without saving the file).

File Manager Activities

  1. Obtain a 'junk' floppy disk from your teacher, from the MAIN program group, launch FILE MANAGER

  2. Format the Floppy Disk as a 1.44Mb System Disk - Label It with your surname.

  3. Using FILE, CREATE DIRECTORY, create the following folder structure (noting that HOMEWORK and CLASSWK are folders inside thee FRED folder):

  4. Copy some files from the P:\PUBLIC_HTML\IPT directory onto the ROOT DIRECTORY of your disk (say 4 or 5)

  5. On your disk, rename a file to FRED.XYZ, noticing that it's icon changes to an UNASSOCIATED file type.

  6. Copy FRED.XYZ to the CLASSWK folder (use CONTROL+LCLICK to 'drag' a copy if it there)

  7. Move the ROOT DIRECTORY Copy of FRED.XYZ to the FRED directory (use SHIFT+LCLICK to move it)

....More to come

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