729: (179/365) A Whole Lotta Love

Posted by wonko on June 28, 2017 in 365-2017, boxes, geometry |

Searching for daily folds, O came across an interesting 6 part modular cube that has much development potential: each face features a colour changed heart but I imagine that with a little inventiveness you could fashion diamonds, spades etc, or other things as the basic module solves the problem of liberating colour-changed flaps rather nicely.

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728: (178/365) Bumpy Octahedron

Posted by wonko on June 27, 2017 in 365-2017, Crease Pattern, geometry |

So you take a 2×1 rectangle, fold it into 4×2 squares, then halve the squares: Then bring one pair of adjacent corners for each square, sink the dimply corner to lock, then repeat.

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726: (176/365) Star Block

Posted by wonko on June 25, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry |

Sometimes a simple crease pattern leads to some interesting emergent geometry: This is Charles Santee’s “Star Block”, a 2 part modular that I found when trolling among Origami USA’s “The Fold” issue #22.

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721: (171/365) Kythera Dreaming

Posted by wonko on June 20, 2017 in 365-2017, animal, crustacean, geometry, nature |

A colleague recently spent an extended time back home on Kythera, a lovely island in Greece: Returning to work is never easy after such time away, but I can feel and understand her longing to return. This shell is meant to evoke dream memories of Kythera.

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720: (170/365) Cylinder Twists

Posted by wonko on June 19, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry |

When you are sitting, you have a bunch of time to think. When you have cylindrical media on hand, you start to think about what you can do with it: Having previously dabbled in loo-roll faces, I began wondering if there was some geometric beauty in cylinder wrangling and happened across a scalable technique that […]



710: (160/365) Star Luisium Test Fold

Posted by wonko on June 9, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry |

The internet is an amazing thing, it affords connections between mortals and luminaries in the field: I noticed Sara Adams (a living legend in the Origami World) was asking for test folders to test diagrams she was drawing and I immediately put my hand up.

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709: (159/365) Satoshi Kamiya’s Tsuru Rose

Posted by wonko on June 8, 2017 in 365-2017, bird, geometry |

I am nothing if not determined at times. This  model has beaten me many times but, due to a perfect storm it seemed to just happen in my hands: This is Satoshi Kamiya’s “Tsuru Rose” – an odd but beautiful combination of a Kawasaki rose twist in the body segment of a traditional Tsuru.

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706: (156/365) Finger Gyro

Posted by wonko on June 5, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry, wtf |

A craze among the young kids at the moment is the “fidgit spinner“, that little toy that … spins, and … well, that is just about it: According to some fairly shady “research”, these toys improve concentration, and that may be correct for a limited number of kids with specific learning issues, but, yeah. Enterprising […]

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704: (154/365) Shuzo Fujimoto’s Stars n Squares Tessellation

Posted by wonko on June 3, 2017 in 365-2017, Crease Pattern, geometry |

Starting with a square-twist tessellation, you add to the intensity by folding it some more: Alternating spin squares with stars, you get this nightmare of paper torture.

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703: (153/365) Square Twist Tessellation

Posted by wonko on June 2, 2017 in 365-2017, Crease Pattern, geometry |

Assignment time can sometimes be boring for a teacher, especially when kids are beavering away independently: This is a tessellation I have not tried before. Based on a square grid, diagonal squares rotate 45 degrees to lie flat again, causing pleat ripples that are cancelled out by adjacent twists – clever.

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