547: Stellar

Posted by wonko on August 28, 2016 in geometry, paper, Traditional |

As part of the school’s social justice program, I was asked to come up with a fold for a bow tie that I could teach year 7-10 boys and girls from 3 schools on a Friday afternoon: Based in part on a technique used by many, but first seen in a video, I devices a […]

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546: Château Chinon Tessellation

Posted by wonko on August 21, 2016 in geometry, paper |

Another time sponge, based on a square grid initially that was torturous to fold and pre-crease. Based on Eric Gjerde’s tessellation molecule, it is an amazing use of paper that features largely an “all at once” collapse. Many tessellations sit flat while you do them, their interim stages are still flat – not this mongrel. […]

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544: ‘Ball

Posted by wonko on August 20, 2016 in boxes, fantasy, geometry, paper |

Now apparently, when faces with a wee beastie, you throw a pokeball at it and that, somehow, traps the beastie …inside.. the ball for safe keeping – truly, I cannot make this shit up: This is Jeremy Shafer’s Pokeball – a genius modular fold using 2 bits of paper that interlock at the hinge, forming […]

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542: ‘Chu

Posted by wonko on July 31, 2016 in animal, fantasy, paper |

Pika, Pika, PIKA! Pika, Pik Pik Pikachu, pikachu? Pikachu. Pika? Pikachu. Such is the scripting necessary for a Pokemon standard character’s dialogue. Yeah, but…? So I have started to fold again, I need to bend paper and finding models I am interested enough to fold seems to be an issue for me at the moment. In […]

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541: Charizard – GO!

Posted by wonko on July 19, 2016 in animal, blarg, dinosaur, fantasy, paper, scifi, wtf |

Now I am not of the generation that grew up with Pokemon, but seem surrounded by adults that were. Fandom/enthusiasm takes many forms and the latest augmented reality game “Pokemon GO!” is so hot right now I felt I had to fold a poke-thing because…reasons I had seen a video tutorial from Tadashi Mori on […]

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540: Parliament

Posted by wonko on July 4, 2016 in blarg, domestic, fantasy, humanoid, paper, wtf |

Voting is something democratic societies hold as an important right. Some counties have compulsory voting, most allow citizens to choose whether they want to vote – all too often the result is the same – groups of opinionated, empty-headed people are elected to represent the views of the common people. Anyone who knows me, realises […]

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Comedy – Tragedy

Posted by wonko on June 6, 2016 in blarg, humanoid, paper |

Doodling with a single uncut A3 sheet, I managed to fold something approaching both masks of the Drama “Comedy and Tragedy” thing Using a Joisel-like face thing twice, I think this model has potential as it uses one piece of paper to realise the whole enchilada.

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528: Joisel’s Pangolin

Posted by wonko on May 2, 2016 in animal, blarg, geometry, mammal, paper |

Few Origami models reach Iconic status, few have the charm and grace of Eric Joisel’s Pangolin. I thought I would have a go at this fold: Based, in part, on a field of diagonal graduated pleats that are “popped” into scaley plates, shaped simply to suggest tail, head and feet, his folds have a unique […]

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519: Before the Big Bang

Posted by wonko on December 28, 2015 in geometry, paper |

Curved creases seem to do interesting things to stiff paper. Paper tension that has been tortured by curved folds tends to force planes into curves and distorts geometry in interesting ways. I had a huge offcut of Canson watercolour paper and decided to try Thoki Yenn and Josef Albers “Before The Big Bang” – an […]

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518: Flasher

Posted by wonko on December 24, 2015 in geometry, paper |

I have had sheets of Elephant Hide for ages, and read that it was really good for geometric folding (corrugations and tessellations), so set out to find something I could do as fold therapy: Jeremy Shafer is a genius designer of origami action models and I had seen his series of collapsing “flashers” so thought […]

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