494: Wolfram|Alpha Logo

I have a low tolerance of boredom, so slack time between busy times at work required me to keep my fingers busy:494Wolfram

This is an interesting module, made up of useful units – tiles of joined equilateral triangles with solid pockets and tabs. Continue reading

493: FuseBall

They say “many hands make light work” and they (whoever “they” are) are quite correct:493FuseBallManyHands

My pastoral care group (the Mighty Magee F) and I folded Tomoko Fuse’s Icosahedron Kasudama, as part of a “getting to know you” exercise to start off the year, with the theme “the sum of the parts is greater than the individual”. Continue reading

459: Electra

Browsing an amazing book by David Mitchell called “Paper Crystals”, I spotted an interesting modular ball based on pentagons tiled with triangles named Electra.

Coupled with the original model was a suggestion that it was possible to make a 60 module version consisting of pentagons surrounded by squares separated by triangles. Continue reading